Valdez and a few mountains


Mountains in the Wrangell-St Elias National Park

As we are leaving Tok we spy another 16' Casita parked at Fast Eddy’s.  It’s owner must be inside having breakfast at this famous restaurant.  We are hungry for egg companions and pull  alongside the camper trying to decide if it’s important to meet them.  Hubby makes the decision. “I’m hungry and want breakfast.”

I go in and look around trying to spot someone who looks like a Casita owner.  As we are finishing our meal, a single man walks to the trailer.  He is from Iowa and traveling alone.  His trailer is almost new and one can tell by his enthusiasm that he loves it!

After comparing notes, we wish him safe travels and take off for Valdez…pronounced val-deeez….less than 300 miles away.  By mid-afternoon we are arriving at the Visitor’s Center for the Wrangell-Mt Elias National Park, the largest national park in the country.  It boasts having numerous glaciers, active volcanoes, and over 200,000 square miles of wilderness.

Willow Lake with Wrangell-st Elias NP

Willow Lake

Willow Lake

Richardson Hwy overnight

It’s getting late, no way we are going to make Valdez today!  This will be our first night to sleep on the side of the road.  Other free camping has always been in a commercial parking lot after seeking permission.

The visitor center recommends Willow Lake as a nice pull-off, but it’s too close to the highway and too many people stopping to take pictures.  Since dark never comes, we will find the perfect spot down the road.  At mile 75 on the Richardson Hwy we see two fifth-wheels with their slides pulled out.  This is it!  Home for the night!  I have some concerns about opening a can of chicken…can grizzles get us if they smell it?  The trash (and smells) go into the truck cab for the night.

It’s a peaceful night.  Another rig pulls close before bedtime and I feel extra secure with it right behind us.

We eat our breakfast of oatmeal and protein powder and take off for Valdez passing over Thompson Pass and the Worthington Glacier. 



Worthington Glacier

I was a bit unimpressed with the glacier but loved the mountains and lake!


After crossing Thompson Pass we are descending into a lush valley heading toward the coastal town.  Several waterfalls are right on the road.Horse Tale Falls

Horsetail Falls

We are heading for a county park, Allison Point, that offers dry camping for $15.  Allison PT Campground Valdez

The camp is almost empty and we are seeing incredible scenes in every direction.  Valdez lies just across the bay.



After a quick lunch we drive into town and walk around the docks.





We are watching sea otters in the bay and bald eagles flying over the trailer.  Just loving this place!

And for those of you who are inquiring about mosquitoes, the wind must be sweeping them away as there’s very few here.

This just about catches up our first week in Alaska.  At the present it’s Saturday AM, we are at the Tolsona Wilderness Camp to charge up all the electronics…both camera batteries went down and the tab.  Way too much stuff to recharge by the inverter.  This is our first night hooked up to electricity since 6/3!

Lots and lots of mosquitoes here!

Heading toward Anchorage.


  1. I wish I had words to describe my awe at the incredible things you are seeing and experiencing.

    How odd it would feel to just pull over to the side of the road for the night. So glad there were other rigs to help with the feeling of safety in numbers.

    Thank you so much for sharing this epic adventure with us!

    1. And thank you so much for going with us. Just knowing that you are experiencing it with us means so much. It gets a little lonely at times.

  2. Now how could you ever find a more beautiful campsite! Following you on my map...unreal! The real power hookup after almost a whole month had to be dreamy! Sounds like your recharged and ready to barrel ahead...continue to be safe!

  3. Not too recharged tonight after the mosquitoes from hell last night. But it was our only bad bug night so far.

    Currently in Palmer at Fred Meyer grocery....they welcome overnighters. Glad you along for the ride.

    1. Drove right by there on our way back from a visit to a mining claim, but I was asleep when we went by.

  4. Awesome pictures. I see once again why people want to make the trek to Alaska. I will email you some of my questions, since I am in the decision mode.

    1. Glad that you are enjoying the picts......I will be glad to help in any way that I can. Only one week experience so far.

  5. What a great adventure you two are sharing with us....Seems that there is no other place like it...and you are capturing some GREAT stuff with your photography!!! the array of colors you got at the harbor are magnificent....thanks for sharing...safe travels...Horst

    1. Love hearing from you. Yes, this is our greatest adventure....other than getting married!
      Safe travels back to you.

  6. It all looks and sounds great, except for the mosquitoes.

  7. It's all great.....the pesky critters are just a part of the adventures. They have been a problem only a few nights.
    Say hi to Wanda for us!