Arriving back on the old US of A soil felt good until the border guards wanted to confiscate our two bags of apples.  I remarked that they were in their original bags and, after looking at the labels, the guards returned our precious fruit.

The road from the last Yukon town of Haines Junction to the border was downright awful.  Driving between 35 and 45 miles per hour, it took all morning.  And we are stressing even more when the check engine light comes on.  But after 20 miles it goes back off.

A few miles into Alaska we find a campground at Deadman’s Lake.  The price is right…free!  It has no water but pit toilets and a nice campsite right on the lake. IMG_1503

Deadmans Lake

Screeching sounds are heard as we are backing into the campsite.   After securing the camper we look for the source of the noise and find a welcoming committee of one to greet us.

It’s a golden eagle!









He was content to stay in the tree allowing us to admire him, flying away only after a boat startled him.

Later that night we were entertained by a naturalist lecture on permafrost (only 9 inches down) and learning a few wildflowers.


Labrador tea

A wee bit behind on our postings…..currently in a campground in Tok where we will stay another night,  heading toward Valdez tomorrow. Today’s Tuesday, 6/18.


  1. Congratulations on making it to Alaska! What a feat!

    The scenery is beautiful, and the golden eagle photos are stunning!

    I have read about Labrador Tea in wild edibles books, but have never seen it. Such beautiful, delicate little flowers.

    Permafrost only 9" under the ground... that is so hard for me to imagine!

    1. Very hard to imagine but they had dug a hole to demonstrate.
      Seeing the eagle was.such a gift!

  2. Great scenery, Super story line and TERRIFIC photos...what more can I say...BTW thanks for giving us the locations of your camp sites...for those of us that hope to follow in your tire tracks sometime in the future....Really enjoy looking at your Golden Eagle...thanks for sharing...safe journey to you Guys!!!...Horst sends

    1. Thks for.all your great comments!
      It really helps.to know the info is.useful.

  3. WOW you made it!!! How exciting and to have the eagle welcome you...I think that's a sign of good luck! My sister-in-law showed us pictures of their trip there and spoke of those roads. Tough and slow.... But now your there on American soil again...and scored a free spot so more money in your pockets for further fun! Cyberhugs for more safe traveling and no problems!!

  4. Sounds like you understand the big deal of making it here. I did not know if it would really happen...always hesitant about saying we were going.
    Now we are a part of the huge crowd of tourists that are doing the same thing.

    Yes, I believe that the eagle was a sign.

    Cyber hugs back to you.

  5. I think you broke a record for travel from Chattanooga to Alaska.:-) Enjoying every word and pic.

  6. Hey Jerry. We met the nicest couple from MS this week. They left MS one day behind us and arrived in AK one day behind us.
    We drove so slowly, frequently pulling over so others could pass. We just did not stay anywhere for two nights.

    Glad you are enjoying our trip!