Marching Forward


It’s the end of day 4 and we are 1500 miles from home.  And all we have done is drive!  We did stop at Wall Drug today…just because we missed it on the last trip through South Dakota. For those of you unfamiliar with this iconic tourist trap, this establishment was founded back in 1931.  The famous part comes from the placement of signs for hundreds of miles along I-90 advertising free ice water and 5 cent coffee.   We did three eggs in the parking lot, a Casita, Scamp and Escape, which is more than we’ve seen the whole trip.

Tonight finds us at Devil’s Tower National Monument, B-Loop as A is closed due to flooding over the weekend.  It’s cold, highs were in the 50’s with gale force winds rocking us all day.  A beautiful morning with sun and lovely clouds turned ugly by mid afternoon.  Dark, menacing clouds stole the light and dampened my mood.

We did not really mean to camp here at the Tower but the welcome center hostess warned us that Gillette, Wyoming was a busy, noisy town 24 hours a day and we would not get good rest at either the Wal-Mart or the Flying J, our two objectives.  And we were too tired to make a rational choice so we drove about 30 extra miles to pay the $6 nightly camp fee. (With senior discount.)

I’m glad we are here.  I may never see this rock again and it just exudes energy….even from my first sighting of it 15 miles away, I thought that the native Americans would consider it a very spiritual place.  The campground and the black tail prairie dog town lie in it’s shadow.Circle of Smoke

This sculpture is called the Circle of Smoke.

Devil's Tower Wyoming

Devils Tower and Casita awning

Last night we were in need of a shower and I wanted to get off of the road after one night at a truck stop and one night at wally world.  We found a Corp of Engineers park on the Missouri River,  Big Bend Dam at Lake Sharpe. (North of I-90 in the middle of South Dakota.) For $9 we were able to shower, cook up some of our food, and get the battery charged. 


Missouri River in South Dakota


First night truck stop Illinois

First night out at a Pilot Travel Center


Printed this sign onto the Reflectix and it has started conversations everywhere we go.  Most begin with “Are you coming or going?”  A few are people who have actually taken the trip and they usually pass on some much appreciated tip.

Signing off for the night.  Don’t know if the meager signal here will handle the data, if not…there’s tomorrow.

  Please forgive all the mistakes….at least there were mistakes, still uncorrected, in the last post.  My brain just won’t work when it’s tired.


  1. Replies
    1. Enjoyed getting your text...it made our morning! And I needed that prompt!

  2. Glad to hear of your progress. It keeps getting more beautiful the further you go. I'm heading to the Kenai tomorrow.

    1. The pictures I have seen from there are beautiful. I know you are going to have a blast!

      It's on our list.

  3. I'm glad that you found a special place to get away from the road and catch some much-needed rest.

    Take care of yourselves. :)

    I'm loving tagging along with you!

    1. I am doing a much better job of self care today...shorter drive and more planning ahead for our overnight stop. It's about 9PM Mountain time, still light and we are tucked away at Cabelo's in Billings, MT.

  4. Perfect way to spread the word and I bet it opens the doors to many who have done it and will have much to offer! Glad you detoured for a hot shower and a power jolt! I just got a little energy just viewing that photo....a long boring day with my head in a monitor! Continue to be safe!

    1. Good to hear from you...Sending you positive thoughts regarding a perfect buyer for your house!
      Then your head will be full of scenery.
      Take care of yourself!

  5. Wow...what memories it brings back...last year I was standing at that same spot, taking that same photo of Devils Tower.....I guess you Guys didn't stop at the Badlands...1500 miles in 4 days...Wow thats a lot....glad to see you made it through all the "Bad weather" in the Midwest...since we didn't hear from you for couple 3 days..were a little worried....thanks again for sharing your Journey...safe travels....keep the Blog entries coming!!!! Horst sends

    1. It was tempting to go see all the places we saw on the Bucket List trip, The Badlands, Black Hills, Custer State park and Mt Rushmore. But we do not have an unlimited supply of energy, so the focus has been to cross the States. And we are doing it!

      Sorry, I did not know that I was supposed to post that often....and we were fleeing from tornado central as fast as we could.

  6. I just missed you. I was at Wall for a couple of days. And had been to Devils Tower (one of my favorite spots on the whole trip) just before. Every time I see an Egg, my head turns. I wonder if one of them was you? Have a great trip!

  7. Saw all of your posts and enjoyed them! I must see Colorado soon, maybe on our way back home.

    We will be on I-90 West another couple of days, then turn north!

  8. Gee manee, have had my head buried in the sand working on a project and missed your first couple of posts. Dang, but it's fun catching up. I'll pop my head out every now and then to follow you on your (errr, our adventure - a cheap one for me on this end) adventure. Alaska or Bust. Yea.