The new Escape and general ramblings

I promised photos...this is our new baby!  We are camped at Fontainebleau State Park in Louisiana convenient to the Walmart parking lot where the sale happens.  We spend two nights in Louisiana and one night at Gunter Hill COE in Alabama before we arrive back in Chattanooga.  

David manages to back the trailer 180 degrees down the driveway, around the house and into its tiny parking space.  Our previous 13 and 16 foot trailers were towed in and turned around.


And this is where our new toy has been for the last three weeks.
No plans to camp on the horizon as we are still in the middle of selling the house and downsizing.  

Each day presents new challenges, a new list of priorities, things that must be done yesterday....and it is getting old!
Much of our work has been manual labor, painting the deck, painting downstairs, cutting branches, small trees, scrubbing, washing, cleaning and cleaning.
Need to rant a moment..."All I do is work!!!"

But it will all be worth it some day...(maybe some year!)
This is mostly why there has been no recent posts and few comments.  Just too exhausted!

Also there needs to be some changes to the blog as there is no Casita in the driveway but this may take some time due to my computer ineptness.  The name did get changed and it is appropriate as our BIG goal is to spend our winters in the desert and our summers in the (cool) mountains and the shoulder seasons in our duplex on the side of the mountain.

The tenant will be moved out of our side of the duplex this weekend.  Good news...we will not be homeless if the house sells, bad news....another place to paint and do general rehab!

Closing with phone photos.  Seems like there's lots more to say but guess it can wait.


Left photo is of the mirror..little confusing...sorry.

The yard is blooming.

This time last year we were overwhelmed and not sure if we wanted to sell the house.  This year we are so ready for the perfect buyer to appear.  Someone who will love the flowers we are leaving behind.