The Alcan

This is a first!  We are barreling down the highway toward Watson Lake, Yukon and I’m trying to type.  The road is so bumpy…I keep missing the keys.

From the Quesnel VC we are traveling north toward Prince George stopping only to take a few pictures of the fire hydrants in Quesnel.



Getting a really late start due to my slow blogging and even slower internet connection at the visitor center, we find ourselves in an isolated mountain valley as evening approaches. 


At a gravel rest area we are heating leftovers and dining in the trailer, contemplating spending the night on the side of the road.

But the town of Chetwynd is just ahead!  It’s claim to fame is 100+ chainsaw wood carvings.  The public parking lot behind the gas station is our home for the night.  And I was so grateful!


It’s starting to rain,  first rain since leaving Kentucky.  After spending some time checking emails and admiring the carvings, we are heading out toward Dawson Creek and the beginning of the Alcan Highway.





Dawson Creek is about an hour up the road.  The visitor center provides a photo op.


The center gives us a list of gas stations and distance between fuel.  From now on we are driving off the top half of our tank…at times going less than 100 miles before filling again.

A grocery stop at Fort St John eats up over two hours of travel time.  Seems like we are not making much progress.

After driving all day in the rain, we stop at the Bucking Horse River Lodge which offers free parking for RVs.  They are out of gas, very bad news! But a mining camp across the road provides us with a fill up. 


The River Lodge also has food.  Bacon and pancakes for me and corn beef sandwich for the hubby….$24!

We are learning from our mistakes, hitting the road at 6 AM the next morning.  Fort Nelson is an hour away providing us with breakfast at the A&W and a free dump station.

Our goal today is Liard Springs Provincial Park, 300 miles. This park has a natural hot spring making it a popular stop.


We travel through the Northern Rocky Mountains and Muncho Lake Park, beautiful parts of the Alcan, on our way to Liard Springs.






On our way to the park we seen a momma bear and her cub, our first moose and 2 mule deers!


It’s worth the drive!  Lovely place.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jerry. Sometimes I feel that I should pinch myself.....can't believe that we have made it so far!

  2. I have my map out following the two of you....as JerryC said...AWESOME... (squared)....and here I am trying to get the grass mowed between rain bursts...thanks for sharing...Horst

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your road trip.

    Nice that your following on the map...we are getting closer to Alaska!

  4. Wow, Lynne. Don't know what else to say. It's awesome. So glad I can follow you online!

  5. What a trip!!! So lovely ... thinking just how far you are away from me I had to pull it up on a Google map....WOW! How different it must feel to be out in the wilderness and on those long roads with such beautiful views...love to have jumped in that spring!

    1. What fun that you are looking on the Google map! We knew nothing about this area until we started talking to others and planning it out!

      Still tickled pink that you are starting your great adventure soon!

  6. You're making progress. Glad you stopped at Laird. We're in Soldotna for a quick Fred Meyer's fix and then off the grid for another day. My blog updates will have to wait! FM here has special parking spots marked for their overnight RV guests.

    1. I had heard that Fred Meyer was another great free overnight spot! Once we get across the border we will be interested in finding some USA groceries.

      Not sure which way we are heading first. Jello plans!

    2. Jello plans are good. We're on the beach in Seward until Wednesday, then likely a day in Whittier.

  7. Not sure my first comment made it. Sorry for the duplicate. Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying belatedly following your epic journey. Love the fire hydrants!

  8. When you comment I go back and look at the post....and I am enjoying my trip all over again. Thank you, Kim!