Halibut Homer

They say that Homer is the halibut capitol of the world and, after our experience yesterday, we would agree!

We have been in Homer on the Spit for three nights at the city campground, the Fishing Hole.  The Spit is a long finger of land that extends out into Kachemak Bay and Homer lies on the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula.

But let me back up…..

Last weekend was about getting the 300 miles or so from Valdez to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.  After stopping at the mosquito infested campground (which taught us some lessons), we landed at the Fred Meyers (grocery) in Palmer.  (Palmer and Wasilla are just before Anchorage.)  The hubby is experiencing severe shoulder pain and a helpful waitress directs us to someone performing chair massage.  The massage helps and he starts a regimen of ice and aleve. 

glacier Manta?

On our way to Palmer we see our first “real” glacier.

While visiting a center devoted to sled dogs, we discover a city of Wasilla campground that has fewer mosquitos than our previous camp.  Lake Lucille is $10 a night and we enjoy a pleasant dinner and our first fire of the trip.




I attempted to start the refrigerator by turning on both gas tanks and, after closing my eyes,  blowing vigorously into the little hole that houses the pilot light.  It works!  Don’t know why, but the pilot light is now high which means it will cool.

After an oil change we decide to relocate to the Wasilla Wal-Mart.  Free and less mosquitos!

The next day we are entering the Kenai Peninsula after driving through Anchorage without a stop….except to get our bearings.



Landing in the city of Kenai for the night, we are directed to the river to view caribou.  Too far away for pictures and I’m frustrated that there are 4 snow covered volcanoes across Cook Inlet and I can’t get a picture for the haze!  After a stay at the Kenai Wal-mart, we are heading for Homer.

Camping choices are numerous on the Homer Spit.  We can stay at the $7 city park, the $15 with flush toilets and dump or one of the private cg’s that offer it all for $68 per night!  We choose the Fishing Hole with the flush and dump.




These two characters are campground regulars, appearing to enjoy the attention they are receiving.

We are situated between a favorite fishing hole and the harbor.

fishing hole






Oops, my laptop has ran out of juice! 

Currently sitting in the car running the laptop off the inverter!

Will finish the Homer story soon… a teaser!



  1. Just got back from Nancy Lakes and expect to start wandering towards Delta Junction and Fairbanks later today. Looks like you're having a wonderful time in Homer - great pictures!

    1. Homer was great! And getting off the road for a few days was a much needed break. Looking forward to hearing more of the trip.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Look how reflective the water is. Glad to read the refrig is back to working.

    1. Dang gum fridge! We will enjoy it while we can.

      Happy for your upcoming changes....wishing you good luck with the sale.

  3. Replies
    1. I hear it's good. We will soon find out as there's about 7 lbs to be eaten before it goes bad.

      I figure it will be just as good for breakfast as dinner!

  4. I love those eagles...my understanding is there are hundreds of them around Homer.....as always.. Super Photo's....keeps those posts coming...I hope that next year is my turn...lol....Safe Travels.....Horst

    1. I hope that you can make it up here....It's not over rated. In a foreign country right here in the states!

      We kept seeing eagles but it was mostly the same two. Safe travels also to you!

  5. Hi, Lynne, have the record high temperatures that I read about in Alaska bothered you, or have you managed to bypass them? Or are they behind you now?

    I used to have a photographer friend in Fairbanks who would follow the Iditarod. Loved your sled dog photo.

    The two eagles look like two old geezers hanging out for a gossip session. :)

    I hope David's shoulder is a lot better now. He sure looks pleased with that halibut!

  6. We have been hot and we have been cold. When we left Homer this PM the Spit was fogged in and it was in the 50's with a cold wind. I think Fairbanks has been hot this week but we are way down on the water.

    I would hear the eagles discussing something...could not tell if they were a couple or if they were father and son. One was a lot bigger than the other.
    Love that you got your window in!

  7. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  8. Lynne-- If you get back up to Anchorage, there is a great bike trail ride near the back side of the airport. You can rent bikes if you didn't bring yours. When we were in Alaska 10+ years ago, it was one of great memories: we saw whales, moose, wild flowers, etc. Stay away from the 'skitos!

  9. We are in Anchorage right now, at a RV park with electricity...amazing! It's been raining a lot and David's having some bad shoulder pain.
    I just saw that trail on the map and it looks great! If the rain lets up and the pain goes down we will try to rent bikes and ride it. Thanks so much for the tip.!