Quartz Flat cg, Lolo NF



We are heading down the road and make a pit stop, but this rest area is unusual.  It has a national forest campground sign at the end of the parking lot.  My hair is dirty and my number one desire is to get it clean….we brought our sun shower for backup.  This may be the place!

So for the $5 camp fee (senior discount) we find ourselves dumping our tanks, refilling the water, washing clothes (by hand), taking showers and cooking dinner.

  Also there’s a little nature trail that leads to the Clark Fork River (named after Lewis and Clark.)DSC_5260

Clark Fork River




I am looking for a place to jump in the river.  Not a good decision, wading in and wading out immediately! The surrounding mountains still have snow melting making it icy.


These beautiful yellow flowers are growing everywhere.


Wash Day!


Ponderosa pines dominate the campground.  This stand is 80 years old according to the trail guide.

Thank everyone for their concern over hubby’s condition…glad to report that the medicine appears to be working.

We are 150 miles away from Spokane, still in Montana.  There’s a short piece of Idaho that we must get through before entering Washington.  Not sure of our route after leaving the interstate in Spokane but the destination is Omak, WA, right below Osoyoos, BC.

No internet connection here….hope to post and catch up on the road this AM.


  1. Clark Fork River...what a find...and to think ...if it a still evening you can probably hear Lewis and Clark discussing their next leg...great photo's!!!...glad that things are better on the the "refux" issues....hopefully the 'frig will engage....favorite photo..wash Day..... with Lewis and Clark...safe Journey....Horst

    1. Haha on enjoying my wash day photo!

      Thanksis for the support...it means alot to have these connections while we are so very far from home.

      Going into Canada tomorrow......turning off all data. Next post date unknown....don't worry if you don't hear anything for awhile.

  2. What a fantastic find! Just at the right time! A shower and clean clothes can sure brighten your world.

    I giggled at the picture of you wading into the icy water. Bet it was stimulating. :)

    So glad David is okay now.

    1. We are at the Wal-Mart at Omak, 50 miles from BC. Don't know when we will run across wifi....will answer comments and post when we can.

      Thank you for all of your suuport! Don't know if this blog would be here without your encouragement!

  3. I have got to have the clothesline...I'm learning so much from your posts! So glad David got his mojo back....

  4. Camping World! So happy for you! Been thinking of you ever since I read the good news yesterday.

  5. Hah - love the washday pic! Have you thought about making that your title photo?

  6. Looking back at my posts, I'm amazed at what I thought was worthy of publishing!

    Glad you are enjoying this!