Beautiful BC


After leaving the peaceful forest campsite in western Montana we find ourselves crossing the some of the largest mountains that we’ve seen.  No cell signal for hours! 

Stopping at the Spokane, WA visitor’s center we encounter helpful workers who plot our route to Omak, WA, taking us through a vast expanse of nothingness.  We are leaving I-90 after a thousand rolling miles. The area between Spokane and Omak is flat and barren but we  cross the Columbia River at the Grand Coulee Dam.DSC_5275


This is some of the art found at the Grand Coulee Visitor Center.  It’s amazing how an idea from the 1800’s became real after WWII and turned a desert into a lush river valley.

Saturday night we are guests at the Omak Wally World rv park, parked right next to the tires and oil change department.

Sunday morning we are preparing to enter Canada and I wonder if it’s going to be a problem with the banks closed on Sunday.  Did not remember to call our bank cards and tell them we are traveling out of the country.  But there is soo much to remember!  We get our oil changed and strike out for the border.


The Escape rally at Osoyoos, BC has just ended this morning; we exchange toots of the horn with numerous eggs as they travel south toward the States.

We are traveling through this awesome valley viewing the Okanagan River.



Stopping for groceries at the next large town, we find that the hubby’s check card will not work.  I was able to use my card and obtain some Canadian money.  Everything’s in metric…we soon figure out the speed limits.  I am missing my phone already…wishing for the calculator…but the data is turned off at the border and the phone is turned off at the suggestion of those who know about roaming charges.

We stop at the Merritt Visitor Center inquiring about the closest provincial park.  Monck is not far and it’s another beautiful lake.






A wind is surfer showing off his talent.  The above Escape is from Vancouver; nice folks on their way home from the rally.


British Columbian’s love their parks!  Found this at an empty campsite.

Quesnel Visitor Center provides the laptop with a jolt of juice  as we wait for the banks to open on Tuesday morning.  Heading for Prince George.

(For those who are following on the map….we are on 97 N and will hit mile 0  of the Alcan at Dawson Creek.)


  1. Beautiful country, Lynne! I especially enjoyed the artwork.

    And what a perfect campsite nestled among the trees right on the water.

    I'm hoping the banking goes smoothly, and that you find lots of wifi spots along the way! :)

    1. Wednesday morning and all is good. Missing my personal wifi but the visitors center's connection help. Very behind in my blog reading.

  2. Love reading your blog, Lynne. Keep up the posts - its fun reading of your adventures. Hope all the equipment is behaving and David is doing better.

    1. Great to hear from you! Things are going great.

      Heading out to Dawson Creek this AM after spending the night in a parking lot.
      It helps to hear from home....we feel a little disconnected and overwhelmed with the distance.

  3. WOW what a ride! BC has to be so beautiful!!!! Glad things moving along well and I'm hopeful all continues. How excited you two must be...you are doing it!!!!

    1. You said it! We are!

      Happy for you and Jerry!

  4. You've seen a lot more 'glass than we have. We've seen a couple Bolers and quite a few Bigfoot campers but no Scamps, Casitas, or Escapes. I figure if we see a Casita it must be you!

  5. Hope it's us! Currently at the Chetwynd VC after staying behind the gas station.

  6. So what part of Alaska are you headed to?

    1. Sheryl, we really have no definite plans. Hope to see Denali and the Kenai peninsula.

  7. What great photo's and narrative....thanks for sharing....the campsites are something most of us only dream about....glad all is now going well ......enjoy, be safe and keep sharing with us poor souls that are currently only able to "driveway camp"..lol...Horst

  8. Good to hear from you!

    Trying to provide a taste of it!