Land between the Lakes Rally

Wow!  Another month has flown by!   And we are packing to head out this pm for a rally in North Carolina!

bridge over TN River

Realized I better write something fast before we leave....the Land Between the Lakes Rally will soon be a distant memory.  This park is federal lands...the space between the Cumberland River and the Tennessee River just northwest of Nashville, TN.
This rally has been a Scamp Camp in the past.  Now you will see a bit of everything.
And many of our favorite people are here.

Not entirely sure what makes this rally so special but believe that it is the energy coming from the host, Dennis.  Upon arriving, each rally-goer receives a page full of events...often something every hour starting on Thursday evening!

The hubby's birthday is in the middle of the week.  After finding a buffet at Paris Landing State Park, David celebrates his 78th year with 30+ friends.

The weather goes from hot to cold...just like it did last year.  We were not prepared for the bitterness...it is suddenly winter!  Friend, Holly, saves the day with a warm hoodie for the birthday boy.

I take a few photos...trying to get back into photography....attempting to edit with Google photos.  The lake is huge.

Sylvester takes it all in stride.  He is definitely enjoying the larger bed and not being squished by sleeping humans!

(Note for camping cat lovers....I was ready to say goodbye to my baby due to kitty litter in the sheets and everywhere else.  Another camper told me about the Tidy Cat Breeze system and it is working for us!)

One of Sylvester's friends....Sally!!

More of our friends!

We spend quality time with a great bunch of friends!

But one week later, I am just beginning to feel normal again.  As much as I love being with those I love, the non stop visiting and excitement completely wear me out!  After getting home, all I want to do is sit and stare at the wall.  
Well, maybe I can blame the extremely cold weather on some of my exhaustion.  Cold wind is tiring!

Now we are both excited and getting ready to do it again!!!  A shorter stay, abundant sunshine and exposure to the Smoky Mountains will help me stay balanced...I hope!