Sightseeing on Veterans Day With Vets


Last August, while trotting around the northwest and Alaska, we spent a few days in Colorado with Ms. Casitaescapes and her spouse, Jeff.  This past weekend we had the opportunity to return the favor.

This was our first time to entertain  fellow Casita owners due to our challenging parking situation.  To park in our driveway one must back in, downhill, performing an 180 degree turn and stay off the hand built wall and flower garden.  But the ex-truck driver was up for the task.


That’s Kira, the Keeshond, lower left and the Chatta-Egg, all winterized, center.

Sight-seeing was top priority….along with catching up!

Decided downtown to the Tennessee River was the first place to visit.  As a native, we have endured Chattanooga before it became the place to see and live……. smog and backwardness, years ago, made it a place to escape.  At least for me!


It’s a beautiful warm, sunny day and the Market Street bridge is reflecting in the blue river.


Glenda poses for me on the Walnut Street Bridge as I fill them in on the old span’s history.  It was Chattanooga’s first bridge, built in 1890, now a walking bridge.

From there we traveled up river to the Chickamauga Dam searching for blue herons to photograph.  (That sounds like we paddled up the river….no, we drove the van!)


Not as many birds as usual but got a picture of our friends.



Tennessee River just below the dam.

After lunch we are heading to one of the mountains overlooking the city, Signal Mountain. 





The first day ends with me promising a trip to the tiny mountains in the distance…….the Cherokee National Forest!

Veterans Day is another gorgeous sunny day!  We make a lunch and get an early start as we’re heading about 55 miles east to Polk County and the Whitewater Center, home of the 1996 whitewater Olympics.


The water in the Ocoee River is calm today as TVA has taken it out to generate electricity.


And the Visitors Center was closed for the winter.  David and I got married here 13 years ago…brought back some nice memories.

Next stop is an overlook climbing the mountain to  Chilhowie campground.


This is Parksville Lake created by Ocoee Dam #1, the oldest hydroelectric dam in TVA system.   Completed in 1911, before TVA was established. 

Love this view!  This is sacred territory for me!


On top of Bean Mountain we picnicked at this old CCC structure set on the western brow.


Back in Chattanooga by mid-afternoon, Glenda, with her boundless energy, decides that a trip up Lookout Mountain will complete the tour.  Off to Point Park…a Civil War sight.


Exactly 150 years ago, during November, the Battle Above the Clouds was being fought.

The views from the park are amazing!DSC_6458




Downtown and parts of the Tennessee River winding through the valley.


By this point we all are ready to collapse and veg with the TV.

Great fun with fun folks who both served their country!

This was our first attempt at being tour guides and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Our friends have headed east toward the Great Smoky Mtns…..hope they are staying warm!

And we are still cleaning the house and getting the casita baby ready for her January western trip!