Spring Is Here…..really!



                                   Flowering Quince or Japonica

The sky is blue, it’s in the mid 60’s and the windows are open.  It’s the first day of Spring! 

I explore the yard knowing that proof of rebirth is there.

  (Warning: this post is about plants… know of two readers that will enjoy it!)

Many of our plants have been around for decades as our house was built in 1968.  Each year after we became the owners, the yard would surprise us with another new plant emerging from the weeds.

The gardens are now neglected but nature is about survival and the flowers continue to survive.


Instead of grass, we have weeds and violets.  Our back yard is full of creeping charlie.


The flowering quince is a tree….too large to trim before we arrived 13 years ago!


Neighbor’s tree puts on a show!


New growth on our little weeping willow.



These are called several names with jonquil and daffodil being the most common.  They are in the Narcissus family.


Resurrection Fern living on a piece of old wood.  It was found, years ago, after a storm in Florida.  Now lives in a basket, a constant reminder of past good times.


Buds from our pussy willow.


One of many daylilies, all trying to break through to the sun.  A empty wire plant marker reminds me of days when I cherished each plant.  Occasionally I dig and uncover the lost names.


One of the many hyacinth left by previous owners.


Lone flower on winter jasmine.


More hyacinth, these are called grape hyacinth.


Blooms from a crab apple, a volunteer in the neighbor’s side yard.  It’s first year to bloom.


This is columbine, the type that has orange blooms and grows wild in the southeast.  Warning!  This native plant can take over a garden if the habitat is hospitable. 

DSC_6949   The thrift is just starting to bloom.  After googling the plant, learned the more correct name would be creeping phlox.


Young peonies are struggling for light.  The yard has an abundance of peonies….all left from whomever planted them so many years ago.  The old dried leave should have been removed last fall.


Baby Lenten roses are scattered all around the mature plants.


Mature Lenten roses that have been in full bloom for weeks.  They like a moist shady site.


Hostas just emerging….another easy care plant!


New growth on the “Lady in Red” hydrangea.  Blooming, a truly gorgeous plant!


One of David’s many birdhouses…..no occupants just yet!

Now the yard is documented, the first day of spring in 2014.  As I write I wonder how am I going to leave all these plants? 

But life is full of change, nothing can stay the same forever.  Just need to find a new owner that will love and care for them.


Sylvester, enjoying the first day of Spring.


Fun, Food and Friends! The 2014 GE&H


WHERE:  We are just west of Montgomery, Alabama on the Alabama River at a COE park, Gunter Hill.

WHO:   Between 70 and 80 fiberglass trailers, mostly 17 foot Casitas.

WHAT:  The fourth annual rally of the Green Eggs and Ham, a St Patty’s Day event.

It’s Saturday morning and the campground is still asleep; everyone resting after a very busy week of activities.

This rally has more scheduled activities than any of the others we attend.  For example, this week we can pick from a craft class, an Alaskan trip talk, a Dutch oven cooking class and a Casita maintenance class.  And that is just during the day!   Each night at the pavilion there is food and music.

Yesterday we squeeze a paddle in just before the cooking class and it is way too much for this gal.  Right after dinner I head back to the trailer, too tired to have any more fun!

We arrive on a balmy, 73 degree Tuesday afternoon finding the park full of little white trailers.  Pleased to see our good friends, Jerry and Wanda, are right across the road in a beautiful waterfront site.  Our site, while not on the water, is private and nestled in the woods…no need to pull the blinds on the back window. 

It’s exciting to walk around and find old friends scattered around the park.  Friends from Georgia, Maureen and Todd, offer us sandwiches, leftovers from feeding others at lunch, and we are grateful not to cook.   That night the warm weather ends with rain and we watch TV in the camper.  Our first night of camper TV viewing since 1/5/14!  The joys of a full hook-up!

The next day there is more visiting and greeting old friends as eggs are arriving regularly all day.  The rally starts today, Wednesday, but campers have been arriving since last Thursday.

While Larry performs some minor repairs we visit with Texas friends at our campsite.  Later, the chili coalescing affair, (the chili dump), takes place at the pavilion.  This involves two large pots and lots of contributions from homemade chili to store bought.


It’s cold, the wind cuts like a knife, and while hubby stays for the music, I opt for the warmth of the trailer.

Thursday, the sun is out and even though it’s too cold to kayak, I find other ways to have fun.  This trike belongs to a friendly couple from Pensacola who we had previously met at this same park last year.



Lots of fun and a good workout…one makes it go forward by leaning side to side!

I try to find something pretty to photograph but the drab water and winter landscape is uninspiring.  On my bike I spot these trees, a promise that spring is coming!



That night we are back visiting with friends.  This is Wanda and Melanie laughing in spite of the smoke.




Donna’s strawberry cobbler did not last long!


Everybody is full of cobbler and brownies!


View from our dinner site!


Alabama sunset….made me miss Arizona!


Picking’ at the Pavilion.

Our boats look forlorn while we wait for the temperature to rise.




A friend joins us and we head down the creek to the Alabama River.  We do nothing strenuous, just poke along.  First time in our boats since returning from Florida one year ago.

Our buddy, Donna from Florida, asks us to be a part of the Dutch oven cooking class.  Could not say “no”, especially after learning it would be fun.  David prepares his specialty, “dump cake”.


We have a blast doing this!  And everyone gets a small taste of all the different dishes!







Everyone waits patiently for the food to be done.

As the cooking class ends, the gumbo begins!  Another lovely couple, Bob and Pat host the gumbo night.


Our neighbor, Lora from Virginia, takes a turn stirring the gumbo!

Even with the erratic weather, really having a good time.  Lots of fun, making lots of memories! 

We enjoy having Mike and Gerri of Happytrails  camp next to us and meeting Bob and Sharon from Illinois.  Always special to run into other bloggers, and more special when they know who you are!

This our last day and it’s overcast. Hope the rain holds off until tonight so we can paddle and cook another meal in the Dutch oven.  Another day to visit and eat……



Jennings Ferry, Home and a Rally


We manage to get home after spending two more nights on the road.  The first night is at Antique Village RV park, on I-20  half-way across Louisiana, a Good Sam’s park in the woods.  We forgot to ask about the antique village and left wondering if it related to the ancient trailers in the park?

Our last night on the road we find a COE campground, Jennings Ferry, in Eutaw, Alabama.  As you can see from the picture above, it is just what we need.  The deck overlooks a creek and the temperature is in the 70’s.  I am thankful that it’s warm!


This guy is welcoming us back to the south.


We grill, (David grills), and watch the waves lap the shore.  I wonder what’s next in our life?  Are we really going to sell the house and move into the duplex?


Home is another 6 hours up the road.  The sun is still shining as we pull into the driveway and I say a prayer of thanksgiving for arriving safely…..another incredible multi-month trip!

Our daffodils greet us!





Lenten Roses


Lenten Rose

Our yard looks barren except for these few flowers.  The two huge gardenia shrubs, my rosemary and one azalea looks dead!  The gardenias have been here for decades before we bought the house 14 years ago…..what a winter we missed!!!!

Since returning, we are catching up with all the little undone things…and some not so little like applying for Medicare.

This is the first time I’m packing and unpacking at the same time as we are going to a big rally in Alabama, the Green Eggs and Ham (in honor of St Patrick’s Day).  This time the boats are going as we will be on water at another COE, Gunter Hill, near Montgomery.


As much as I disliked leaving the desert, it does feel nice to be home.

One last desert picture……