Illinois-Rend Lake

Luckily we found a Corp of Engineers Lake just at the time we were ready to get off the road.  Our goal is always to quit before we get exhausted and 8 hours on the road is almost too much for us.  We stopped at the Illinois Visitors Rest Area and they directed us to this beautiful lake, a few miles off the interstate 57, with the (most important to us) Senior Pass discount.

It is terribly humid, 85%, and we have the air conditioning running.  I don't ever remember sleeping with the air on but tonight may be a first.

The long day has put a crimp in my creativity so I think I will just  post a few pictures.  Tomorrow we are heading for Kansas City.

Gun Creek Campground

Rend Lake

Rend lake



  1. Your so close but yet so far away. Well two hrs maybe. HUMID FOR SURE...Isaac sure made this weekend unique...very different rains, etc. Safe travels to KC :)

    1. Thought of you when we ate ate the Cozy Table....then, a few miles down the road, we passed the Cozy Inn!

      Knew the Cozy Girl had to be somewhere close!

  2. Lynne, what a beautiful stop-over place. Hope you get rested up and have a wonderful time at the rally!

    Loved your photos. :)

    1. Thank you..I really enjoy taking pictures.

      I have promised myself that tomorrow will be a rest day...we are here!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog a few posts ago. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogging. Keep at it... You'll be glad you did. It's wonderful to have a record of not only where you were and what you did, but also what you were thinking and feeling at the time. Relaz and enjoy!

  4. Thank you, Sue, for your encouraging words. I enjoy your posts so very much, although, I got very embarrassed at a restaurant recently.
    I was trying to read the reunion story to my husband and kept losing my voice due to choking up.
    Thanks again for doing what you do and sharing your adventure.