All Things Casita!


The weather at Cloudland Canyon State Park was perfect!  Casita friends that I had not seen in a great while were there!    Mike and Kathy showed up for an afternoon visit,  Sheryl and Chris drove up for the pot luck and music.  Another couple from past gatherings, Sharon and David, camped next to us. We enjoyed catching up with each other’s lives, sharing the changes and grieving the losses.


Cloudland Canyon is a large state park set in northwest Georgia on the Cumberland Plateau. Less than 40 miles from Chattanooga, it is quick and simple to reach.  Just hop on I-24 W towards Nashville, take I–59 S and get off at Trenton, GA. Take one turn right and one turn left in Trenton, weave up the mountain road and you are there! It has numerous hiking trails and two waterfalls.  We drove over to the overlooks on Saturday and the parking lot was full of sight seers.






 From the overlook





The main fun all weekend was the visiting!  We had 13 eggs to show up, two Scamps and the rest were Casitas.  A few of the couples were new to me but most were people that I had known and loved for years.  We got there early on Friday as the park has a weird reservation system.  They will give you a reservation but they will not assign a campsite, so it is first come to get the site that you prefer.

From the moment that we arrived to bedtime, I do not think I stopped talking…. so many people to catch up with!  Friday night we sat by our fire as our new friends from Sarasota shared about their 5 month trip traveling to Canada and back.  This was Bill and Karen’s last stop before returning home.


Saturday night was, of course, the potluck and since Sheryl had brought her fiddle, the music was superb.  That night I sat surrounded by lovely people, listening to incredible music and watching the wind sway the tall old trees.  There was a moment of feeling that life could not get any better than this….

It is no wonder that all I want to do is go to Casita rallies!


Brandy says "Who is that wild woman?" 




Something was funny!



The Chatta-Egg

 Doll baby Maggie!







  1. A FIDDLE....what fun! And such a stunning landscape...that's my assignment for class the next two weeks. The cornfields aren't really cutting it for me...might have to drive to the Mississippi :O)

    1. Sounds like you are in a very thorough photo class, much harder than those that I have experienced.
      Are you close to the Mississippi? You have some lovely lakes in Illinois...great photo opps at sunset, I bet.

    2. Less than 2 hours to the state line at Hannibal or we try to go to STL on occasion. I'll be after some sunsets for sure. Can't have anything man-made in the photos this time for the 50 landscape...no fences, barns, etc. Then we need 50 urban shots...I'll like finding some rusty old buildings O:)

  2. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. Haven't had the privilege of hearing the fiddle player, but I know Jean and Steve do pretty good together. Entertaining, to say the least. Still may hit your part of the country the end of next month.

    1. Let me know if you get close to us...I have calculated that we will have 10 weeks of no rallies after the Cherokee gathering.
      I will be in Casita group withdrawal!

  3. Looks like an awesome gathering, Lynne! I'm so glad you got to go after all!

    1. It is nice to have the flexibility to change plans!

      I am not caught up here at home after being gone for two weeks and then another weekend away. Way behind on my blog reading!

      Looking forward to Cherokee!

  4. In answer to your question on my blog.

    I use a simple 3 click procedure from the free version of Picasa on most all my photos. It adjusts contrast, color saturation, and sharpness.