To Blog or Not To Blog?

The blogging world is still relatively new to me.  I read a blog one year ago, Casita Escapes, and found the power of an immediate connection with someone far away, a person that I knew our paths would cross.  Then the winter trip to Arizona became a reality and I needed a way to communicate our travels with loved ones and stay off of Facebook (for security reasons).

The writing and posting pictures was such a pleasure when I could do it.  We kept finding ourselves in remote areas without internet and cell connections.  I never learned how to write off line, so the posts were few and far between.

Then it was over and we were back to ordinary life....life in between trips.  We left again in April and June but the July trek to the mountains motivated me to write again.  (Maybe it was the misery?) By adding Casita in the Mountains to Casita in the Desert, I was able to use the same URL.

Now I am reading other blogs, trying to learn how to do what others do.  A how-to blog disturbed me by stating that one should know what they are going to write about before they begin.  Don't know about that!  I don't know what I am about to say.  That is one of the reasons I write, to know what I am thinking!

It's early morning and a full day stretches in front of us.  The window installer should appear at the duplex this morning and I must impress on him that we are LEAVING town and he MUST get through this week.  Everything else is just about finished and we will lock up, leave, and worry about renting the place when we return.

Casita Enterprises came through and our new front door locks were waiting on the porch yesterday. It looks like they will fit with some minor adjustments. I like the idea of being able to lock the door from the inside.

No brake adjustments were needed according to our Trucks and Trailer.  So with the new locks and the new tires, all we need to do is start packing.  Heading west!


  1. I'm having fun with my blog...and me too, each time Im not sure what I am going to say for the most part. Just comes to mind as I go and hoping it's entertaining and offers something for everyone. Wishing mine was more about being on the road but hopefully by time that happens I'll be offering more about adventures instead of getting ready and WAITING! Keep posting...I really enjoy your posts Lynne!

  2. Glad to see that I am not the only one who just writes what comes across the mind.

    I believe that many people enjoy, as I do, hearing about the process of letting go and getting ready to travel. You could be inspiring many others as you share your journey to freedom.

    Thank you for your kind words...appreciate the feedback!

  3. Lynne, I think those How to Do It articles on blogging are directed at people who want to put ads on their blogs and turn them into an income stream. They really don't apply to us.

    I live in the woods and am far away from my family. That immediate contact that you wrote about with family and current and future friends is all that matters to me.

    And it doesn't really matter what the post is about. If something crosses your mind that interests you or you think would be cool to share with someone, that's all the reason for being a blog post needs. And there will always be people who find whatever you happen to write about interesting. Even if it's just watering your flowers or picking fresh tomatoes or whatever. :)

    I learned to totally forget about all the vast hordes of people surfing the net who might happen onto my blog (and what they might think of it) and just write as though I was talking to my sisters or close friends. Then whatever comes out sounds relaxed and natural.

    I like hearing about your window, your door lock, your brakes and your tires. But mostly I just like reading whatever you post because you are a fellow Casita owner and that's a great connection.

    Don't stress about what to blog about. Just think of it as dropping a note to a friend, and we'll be here to read it. :)

    1. Loving what you just said! Your words rang so true!

      I think there is some hard to describe emotional link between most Casita owners. We wave to each other across divided freeways and almost wreck when one is spotted in a driveway. It makes it easier for me to write knowing there is this connection.

      Thank you for your words of wisdom. I will try to remember that somewhere, someone is interested in what I have to say!
      As always, your comments are so appreciated!

  4. I never know what I'm going to say in my blog. I usually have some pictures from the day and just start telling a story built around them. Doesn't always work, but seems to work most days. Keep on keepin on. It will get easier.

    1. Thanks, Jerry! It is good to know that I am not doing it wrong.

      I have just recently started following you...do you return to FL for the winter months?

      Thank you for your feedback! It is much appreciated!