Coming Up....More Fun!

The food box sits half full in the corner of the kitchen.  It is a reminder that we are taking off again in two days.
Our "egg club" is having a rally this weekend very close to our home but we had not made reservations to attend, not knowing if there would be energy left after just returning from our two week, two thousand mile trip.

But reservations were made today and we are heading south to GA on Friday.

Swept out the Casita, cleaned the refrigerator and remade the bed with clean sheets. Clothes were washed and the truck is (still) packed. All I need to do is buy a few groceries and decide on the dish for the potluck!  Will probably ask David to make another dump cake!  The last one vanished before we could taste it.

We still had unseen trip pictures on the point and shoot.  My husband enjoys using an old Canon, one of my very first digital cameras, ancient with 4 megapixels.  I downloaded the pics, running them through Picasa.  Great review of the trip!

We are settling back into our routine; cleaning, mowing, playing with the cats and catching up with friends and family.  Still feel real good about our trip and it has motivated us to make reservations for more rallies.  
So much fun to be had!  And I have cut back on my work hours (again)....More about this later.


  1. Wow! I'm jealous. Wish I was headed for Cloudland Canyon. Always wanted to try that hang gliding thing.....NOT. Hope y'all have a great weekend. OBTW, good looking kayak!!

    1. Great looking kayak!

      We are looking forward to spending time with some old friends and may work in a little hiking.

      I am enjoying this give and take; it's fun to be able to keep up with everyone!

  2. Loved the pictures, especially the kayaking, the sun behind the Casita, and the picnic table. They just seem to sum up the essence of camping.

    Glad you are going to make it to the rally after all. Isn't it funny how fast hitch itch happens again after you get home from a trip? :)

    1. Love the phrase "hitch itch." Never heard it until recently.

      We are heading to Cloudland because it is just so close and I started feeling bad about not seeing some of the old gang.
      Trying not to have any regrets!