Fall River Lake Kansas

I am getting behind with my posts... feels funny to be talking about where we were 2 days ago but I don't want to leave anything out!

Sunday night after the rally found us in southeast Kansas at another COE lake, Fall River.  The camping book indicated that there were 3 campgrounds on the lake and I could not figure out where they were in relation to the main road.  We picked the one that was located miles away on the far side of the lake!

We did finally get there and it was pretty and deserted.  Unfortunately some nasty biting flies drove us inside and we did not get to enjoy sitting out looking at the lake.

Tree carving found at entrance 

Whitehall Bay campground

Fall River Lake

Sunset over Whitehall Bay


  1. Jerry swears by filling a ziplock with water and hanging outside...guess the flies see their reflection and stay away. We've kept a couple on our deck for the last two years and I really think there is some truth to it :O)

  2. I saw someone do that years and years ago and forgot all about it!

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Hopefully the fly season is just about over....

  3. The water is beautiful. So serene looking.

    So sorry the biting flies ruined it for you. They are brutal little pests!

  4. It was a safe, cheap and pretty place....so it was really fine.