Friends, Branson and a New Toy!

(Playing catch-up after a long travel week...post started 9/12/12)

Our current location is Compton Ridge RV Park in Branson, MO.  Our friends, Glenda and Jeff, are here work camping and we had promised to swing by for a visit. This is a couple that full-times with two cats and a dog. (www.casitaescapes.blogspot.com.)

We met them last New Year's eve in Austin; I had been following her blog for months.  (Perfect Weekend, 1/2/12)

They have shown us a grand time touring the town and the lakes.  But the most fun for us, besides the visiting and catching up, was a visit to the Coleman outlet store where we, after much deliberation, decided to upgrade our grill.

My husband is definitely the cook!  And for years he has been doing a wonderful job feeding me while using a $20 walmart grill.  The Coleman store had a small, more compact 3 in 1 stove that I can also use to make rice and coffee outside the Casita.

Glenda and I could not stop talking!  From Casita travels to Casita mods, blogging, smart phones, google, parents and husbands.  What a fun visit!

Compton Ridge RV Park was definitely a good worksite for them and a great place for us to spend a couple of days.  Good company, good food and wonderful scenery.


  1. The Coleman Store! Didn't know there was such a thing. I would have loved it! Especially since we need to replace our cheezy campstove, too.

    Such fun to hear about your meeting Glenda. I am so intrigued by her full timing in a Liberty Deluxe with her hubby and critters. Would love a chance to chat with her!

    1. I was shocked, also, to see a Coleman Store; did not know they existed. They said that there are only 10 stores...I have no idea where they are.

      Glenda is a delight! Not everyone could do what she and Jeff are doing.
      We were so glad to reconnect with them.

  2. Sweet little Coleman grill...we purchased their RoadTrip but not sure we needed something so big. Bet that is some good coffee in that percolator! Lv to visit a Coleman outlet - thanks for heads up!

  3. We purchased the grill because it was more versatile and more compact (and better quality).

    It is hard for us to get everything in the back of a old Tacoma....much less room than the previous minivan.
    Appreciate your comments! You and TC are keeping my morale up with the blogging.