Kansas Egg-stravaganza 2012

Fiberglass travel trailer rally is four words that's impossible to describe or explain unless you have experienced one.  The best descriptive word that I can find is FUN!

And it is the people, not the trailers, that make it so much fun!  Good people, troopers, hardy....with whiners not allowed!

We spent 6 nights visiting, eating, comparing trailers, and sharing travel adventures.  Tonight, 150 miles down the road, I am missing all of my friends.  This is about a family, a community of like- minded people who really care about each other and care about getting the most out of life while they can.

Thank you, Tom and Joyce, and everyone else that made this such a great gathering!

Emily's pretty wind socks

Milford Lake

Republican River

Another 16'!

Pete's Wonder Egg's art


  1. Looks like a beautiful place for a rally. I really liked that screen room in the lakeside campsite, too.

    1. It was a great site for the rally, even if it was a bit far for us.
      A lot of people use these mesh panels attached to their awnings to make sun/privacy shades. The Little House Customs website has a separate page for Susan Littke's shades.
      Carefree of Colorado carries the window awnings and screen rooms.
      I always enjoy hearing from you.

  2. It was great to meet you guys. Wishing you safe travels to Branson and home. Hope to meet you again soon. Green egg an ham reservations open this week.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! Can't believe that St Patricks Day is only 6 months away....

    We are safe in the hills tonight.

    Really enjoyed meeting both of you and surely will be seeing you again.

  4. Can't wait for our first rally. I think we lean toward the screen tent with walls and love those awnings on the windows. Check out my last blog update Lynne...another reason it would have been grand to have been at the rally...I have a ton of questions :O(. Guess I'll start with the forums soon.

  5. I would start with the casita travel trailer forum....I found this forum less than 1 year ago. I thought I was in the right place with the casita forum...
    I will try to address a few questions on your blog...www.itsacozylife.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks for the pretty pictures of my ribbon windsocks. Eggie is set up to work on some more this winter. He's my "escape" from being cooped up inside the house during the winter months. I can dream of being other places when out there - he's parked in the back yard.

  7. What a great idea! I can tell that Eggie is much loved.

    We really enjoyed touring him and I may, eventually, start some curtains as I was inspired by yours.
    Glad I found you!