Projects and Plans

Like Tiny Camper, http://tinycamper.wordpress.com/we are in between trips. The Cherokee rally is on our radar but it's more than a week away.  It seems like we are accumulating more and more projects and accomplishing zilch.

Next project, paint the deck!

Work on our duplex has taken up almost all of our non-traveling time this year.  We are almost through, the rental signs are up!  I am hoping that it gets rented soon as it is hard to show property when we are 200 miles away.

The yard has not been cared for this summer.  Before possessing a Casita, I worked diligently weeding, potting and loving my flowers.  Now I love a little white fiberglass egg and everything else is neglected.  All of you who have not purchased a Casita, be forewarned   It will change your life!

Love our baby!

New figs discovered while exploring yard

Fig tree and Casita

We keep trying to decide what we want to do.  We like our house but no longer love it!  If we moved to the duplex, there would be almost no yard to keep and it would be so easy to just lock the door and drive off into the sunset.  And the duplex is on the mountain, a magical place for me.

The right decision will be made at the right time.  The perfect thing to do, now, is to appreciate all that we have!
My husband turned 75 today!  So thankful that we both are healthy enough to keep on with our adventures!

Closing with pet pictures....Princess and Sheba are still center stage at home.  Frequently we tell them that a little dog is coming to live with them.....but getting a dog is like moving to the duplex.  It just ain't happening yet!




  1. Your deck looks so nice. I can't get paint to stick to mine. I've painted it twice and the paint peels up (used latex paint the first time, then oil based paint the next time) so now I just use tinted waterproofing oil. But now the tint is wearing off! Sure have wasted way too much time trying to get it to look decent! I have a serious case of deck-paint envy! :D

    Cool about the figs!

    The duplex sounds perfect as long as you had quiet tenants in the other unit. But you are right--you will know what is right for you.

    Happy birthday to hubby! So glad you are both out camping and enjoying life!

    1. I know what you mean when you say you wasted time trying to get something to look decent. I have been doing that all summer!

      Our plans to paint the deck did not work out as it rained again. We did get through on the mountain, though. There is always tomorrow!
      Started looking for mushrooms, unsuccessful so far.

  2. FIGS...I have never ate a fig and not sure why but to have them growing in your yard - cool! Did see them in our Kroger for the first time last Sunday. Closest I've been is a fig newton :O) WOW 75...and still going strong. That is truly wonderful! A home base...ecks always on my mine where I'll end up.

    1. A friend of mine made jam from figs in her yard. That's what got me started 5 years ago. This was the first year that we had a lot of figs...more than we could keep count. They are brown turkey figs.

      Your climate may be too cold for fig trees..but you never know with global warming.

  3. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you.
    I hate it when it comes time to winterize. I covered my trailer for the first time in 3 or 4 years as just sick of the leaf mess on top. We had our first almost freezing night at 34º - and have some more coming up at the end of the week. Your trailer site is so pretty, can you see the water out the uncovered windows? Yes, your answer to your dilemma will come along, sometime it seems forever. Take care you two.

  4. David says "thanks".
    Yes, we like to keep the top covered to keep off the birds' stuff and leaves.
    It is actually in our back yard....our deck looks down on it.
    We dread winterizing...thinking about just running a heater until time to go south.
    I could not, would not, live any further north than we do.

  5. Ain't it a drag to be at home, looking at all the projects we should be doing. Much better to be on the road where they are out of reach. Wanda's grandmother used to make the best fig preserves. I would eat an entire pint jar with a pan of her hot biscuits. No one in the family has yet to duplicate them. Tell David happy belated birthday.

  6. I struggle constantly trying to figure out how to have fun at home. If I have so much fun camping in the Casita, why can't I transfer that feeling to home? And it is because of all the non-fun things that must be done while we are here.
    Yes, escaping is the answer!
    David says "thank you."