This morning I awaken happy….and then wonder why?

Is it because we are planning our “trip of all trips”?  Is it because spring is really coming?  Is it because we are healthy enough to enjoy exercising?  Not sure what the answer is but I will take these happy feelings anytime they want to show.

We are simultaneously working on the house, yard and Casita.  Doing some clearing of surplus kitchen wares, chucking out the unused items.  How did we ever manage to collect so much stuff?  When traveling, the Casita kitchen drawer has 6 spoons, 4 forks and miscellaneous knives.  Not paring (pun) that far down but attempting to drastically reduce unnecessary items.

Our yard is alternately a source of joy and a crushing burden.  Twelve years have been spent playing in the dirt…digging, planting, weeding.  Now, due to our traveling, guilty feelings over plant mistreatment are emerging.

Spending the afternoon trimming bushes and pulling weeds reignited my plant passion.  Underneath a layer of leaves, sticks and vines were tiny shasta daisys, black-eyed susans and larkspur.  My once prized day lilies were smothered in weeds, their nametags bent and crushed into the ground. 

Dear plants…I promise to take care of you for the next 8 weeks.  Then you are on your own again!

Yesterday involved a trip to Lowes looking for unnamed items  needed for the Casita.  They were unnamed because we saw several things at the rally and did not know what to call them.  Every time a clerk would say “May I help you?”, we would start describing a product, they would scratch their head, lead us to an aisle, leaving us looking.

Trying to figure how to easily cover our Casita windows to block out light.  We still have our blinds and not interested in making another set of curtains….been there, done that and got the T-shirt when we had the 13 footer!

Remembering someone discussing Reflectix and not paying attention ‘cause of having no intentions of being anywhere cold.  Found it a Lowe’s and guess we’ll try it to darken the windows.

Another project will be converting our solar panels to a more user friendly arrangement.  While in Arizona last year we purchased an inexpensive Harbour Freight 45 watt solar kit.  Rather than getting rid of it and buying something new (and more expensive), the goal is to find a way to store and set up it up easily.  Thought about putting hinges on two of the three panels.  Does anyone know the results of putting screws in the sides of solar panels?

Can’t quit this post without showing some pictures.  Took a walk down memory lane when I found these old pictures from 2010 to 2012. 

They will need to bloom without us this year!




DSC_1631DSC_3758Lady in Red Hydrangea

Mary's Gold

TN Sensation

Asiatic lilyChorus Line


  1. What gorgeous, glorious flowers! I have some (also sadly neglected) daylilies just like the pink ones in your last photo. I, too, am torn between taking care of my yard like I used to and travel.

    Travel always wins out.

    I don't know about your solar panels, but mine came hinged with a handle for carrying -- all bolted into the frame. So it should be fine.

    1. Sorry about my delayed response....I keep winding up outside pulling crab grass and creeping charlie...even out there today in the rain...insane!
      The last daylily above is "Chorus Line"...it's one of my favorites. And the purple striped one came from a friend...looks like a miniature hollyhock.

      I feel like we have already gotten our money's worth on the panels, so I'm going to experiment with them.

  2. Gorgeous flowers - like you my yard is being pared down to bare bones - neighbors are getting some nice bulbs/flower plants.

    Reflectix is not only good for using as a blackout screen but also to cut down the heat/cold that comes in thru the windows. Only disadvantage is you can't see out when they are up! I used mine this winter when I stayed in the trailer nights during Christmas (due to son's visit) and I stayed toasty warm inside. Mine are cut to fit the window size.

    I envy you making plans.

    1. My yard has given me lots of pleasure over the years. Can't believe that I have just ignored all my plants!

      Do I just cut the reflectix a little larger than the window and stick it in... hoping that it will stay? I guess I could find the answer on the forums with a little investigation.

  3. I would be happy, too.:-)... Looking forward to all your posts from your "trip of all trips". Plants are pretty forgiving. They have short memories.....jc

    1. I have been amazed at their ability to survive. My african violets were blooming when I got home from the winter trip..watered once in 8 weeks!
      They must be forgiving plants.

      Hope to hear all about your adventures!

  4. Lovely gardens. I'm sure it is difficult to say goodbye to it when you leave but I certainly understanding nurturing the wanderlust. :).

    1. I almost cried the first time we left, right after I retired. It was May 2nd and everything was just coming in bloom. Then I never had another thought about it!

      Gardening is fun but does not hold a candle to wandering around the country.:)

  5. What amazing colors surrounding your home...I saw my first daffodil in bloom yesterday. Can't wait to hear about your trip plans...sounds like an exciting adventure. Solar panels we have are in a case...so I'm no help there.

  6. Glad to hear that spring is finally coming to Illinois! Can't believe that you had so much snow.

    The trip plan is Alaska...or the northwest if we play out. Just going to take it day by day.

  7. Love your house and yard! That's where I am .... trying to get this house we bought three years ago to look like what we wanted it to three years ago... hah ~ I want lots of flowers but no yard work. another hah

    I went to Rice, Texas to the Casita factory ... just didn't think I could tow it. I travel in a Honda Odyssy... glad to see you at my place ;)

    1. Good luck on the lots of flowers and no yard work!

      Glad you dropped in for a visit.

  8. Can't wait to read your posts on your way to Alaska and the Northwest...what a trip that will be....and the photo ops!!! GREAT photos and vast array of colors/flowers you Guys have...Horst

  9. Just bought a new filter for the Nikon...hope it inspires me. Don't doubt that there will be lots of forthcoming pictures.

    Thanks on the yard flower comment. They looked good in the past, don't know about their future.