Spring Thoughts


Four years ago this month, after turning 60, I left my full time job.  It was a decision easily made as the husband was retired when we married 13 years ago and he had been patiently waiting for me to be free of the work commitments.

It was easy to leave the job that I disliked....but, hard, due to the fear factor.  The fear of not having enough money,  irrational fears of being homeless and hungry!

Now, approaching my 64th birthday, I’m looking back on a wonderful 4 years, loving the freedom that this life gives me and hoping to be blessed with many more years of happy living!

And the money thing?  There is none to throw around but there’s always enough to do what needs to be done.  Years ago, when gainfully employed, I would not thought of enjoying NOT spending money!

Contemplating life is one of the great things I get to do with my freedom.  Getting up early, making the coffee and watching the sun peep over the ridge from the warmth of my kitchen. Feeling grateful for life.


No, this is not through the kitchen window but dawn at Chester Frost park just north of Chattanooga.  Contemplating, again, how grateful we are to be able to travel and come home to a beautiful area.

Speaking of travel…..

No progress to report on the reflectix window project.  I did go back and get the longer length, hoping to be able to secure the coverings without velcro.

Also no progress on the solar panel redo.  While looking at the forums, found someone was using piano hinges to secure individual panels.  Guess we will try that.

Evenings have been spent perusing The Milepost, an Alaskan travel planner and reading blogs of others who have made the trip.  It feels overwhelming when imagining the distance, so I’m just going to ignore it.

During the daylight hours we have been getting exercise by working in the yard and walking.  Inspired by reading too many cooking blogs, I made a place under the steps to use the dutch oven.  Hubby has always been in charge of the outdoor cooking so it was a first for me when I made City Chicken…….


Other than wasting lots of charcoal briquettes (none were needed for the lid), it turned out great!  Wish I had a photo!

In a few weeks we will be heading to the Smoky Mountains and the spring rally in Townsend.  There were over 80 trailers last year… and more expected this year.


2011 Eggscursion

The spring wildflowers are always peaking during the rally.


Maidenhair Fern



Dogwood at Cades Cove campground….Smoky Mountains National Park

Glad it’s finally spring…thought it was never going to show.

Good times are happening now, good times coming in the future.  Who could want more?




  1. Do you have an idea of when and where you'll cross the Canadian border northbound? We're targeting May 15th at Osoyoos, BC.

  2. Not too sure of our schedule but think we will be at least a month behind you. Osoyoos is a good possibility.

    Maybe our paths will cross somewhere!

  3. Love your thoughts. We never know about something unless we try it; and, then we learn more about doing with less.

    1. Like your thought..."learn more about doing with less."

      Glad to hear your good report from the heart doctor! I would never have guessed that you have had problems. I think of you as an iron woman!

  4. You pretty much hit the nail on the head for me, also. Wanda was retired, waiting on me. After receiving a paycheck every two weeks from the same employer for 41+ years, it was scary to walk away. So glad I did. Have never looked back with regret. Keep on reading those books and blogs. I'm expecting great things from both you and John.:-)

    1. Forty-one years! I barely pieced together 16 years for retirement purposes....worked all my life, just not at the same place. Did a career change every few years.

      Retirement is wonderful...just wish it could have come sooner!

      Don't expect too much, we need to get there first.

  5. It's so refreshing to hear how much you have loved leaving it all behind ... I'm so looking forward to that mind-set! Dutch oven on my wish list...thanks for the link!

  6. You have so many wonderful things right in front of you.
    Be easy on yourself...good stress is still stress and you have a lot of changes coming up.
    Your mantra..."it will be wonderful!"

  7. Enjoying not spending money, contemplating life, feeling grateful... the joy and serenity of maturity! :)

    I got tickled when you said that imagining the distance felt overwhelming, so you didn't. That's one of my favorite coping tools, too! :D

  8. Maybe mature but having difficulty thinking that I have any maturity.

    Tonight I hope you are snuggled in a great campsite and everyone is behaving!

    Stay safe!

  9. I too never thought I would enjoy the simple life as much as I have. Spring is finally beginning to show itself here in Ohio and I planted my cool-weather crops yesterday. Look forward to some Smoky Mtn photos. We haven't been there in years.

  10. We camped in the southern Dayton, Ohio area last year while visiting relatives....lots of old rural communities, farmland. Very pleasant trip.

    I grew up next door to the Smokies....and love the mountains deeply. Hope I can get a few good pictures.

    Happy planting....hope this current bad weather bypasses your area!

  11. Don't know how I missed this post....I can't wait to start "tagging" along for your up coming trip...it was in my game plan the last two years...oh well...I'll reap alot of info from your trip for hopefully...next year...BYW 20 or so years ago when I worked at WPAFB for a couple years..I bought a home(1851 vintage) in Jamestown Ohio...a little south of Xenia...had a great time...though I understand it gone downhill somewhat...like the Dogwood photo....Horst

  12. Glad to have you aboard... after all the bragging we have done (about going to AK), I sure hope we pull it off.

    Planning to take some good photos.....here's hoping that it happens.