Spring Cleaning and a delivery


I awaken early, feeling excited about the day! 

No, I’m not looking through a window seeing sunshine and desert views, but this is my first day of spring!  Warm enough to  start on the Casita cleaning and the day Amazon has promised to deliver a few toys!

Our tiny home desperately needs a good bath, some wax and a through cleaning inside. 

I start inside with removing all of the cushions, bed covers and  memory foam laying them out in the driveway to soak up the abundant sunshine.  Have I ever aired them (must be a southern term) before?  Nooo!

This is a good time to display the insert that hubby made.



The three sided box is the sun streaming in around the blinds.

We are blessed to be able to sleep together, comfortably, in the small Casita bed.  This insert helps  tremendously as I am the one on the inside, the one that must have some base to be able to crawl over the dead sleeping husband in the middle of the night.

Cleaning the blinds and the spills on the floor were my main objectives, but once started, I realized that there was really a lot that needed attention.  Vacuumed and scrubbed while hubby hung on a ladder washing the top.  Yellow pollen from all the Florida pines was covering the trailer!

Later, while inside taking a break, I heard the distinctive sound of a delivery truck stopping in front of the house.  Excited, I rushed out and met the man in the yard.  (No, we do not often get packages.)


RV Sue, (do I really need to post the link?), has partnered with Amazon and has recommended items for camping and home.  This was our first order….many other items are on the wish list and can wait for later.


The sewer hose is on Sue’s list.

The Sleek is something I ran across in Florida…a couple from Maine had one.  They bought it for their wilderness home with a poor Verizon connection and brought it along for their winter escape. 

Not too sure if this is my answer for better coverage….will not be able to recommend it until we go deeply into the Alabama outback next week. 

Plan to add another antenna if it does not do the job!

Before bedtime, I could not wait.  Tore open the boxes and hooked the Sleek up, suctioning the antenna to the glass deck door.  Although we live in the middle of a city, we are in a hole between two ridges and only get 3 bars of Verizon coverage. 

The phone immediately jumped to 5 bars!


(Please excuse photography!  I need to to work on my indoor night skills!)

Plan on one more day of Casita cleaning, then, Alabama here we come!  Can’t wait to see old friends!


  1. I can feel your excitement! It looks like Santa came. I think you'll love the Rhinoflex... and I am very curious about the Sleek!

    Unfortunately, we are still hanging to our old unlimited 3G contract with Verizon, so I doubt it would help us. Do you know if it's backwards compatible with 3G?

  2. I called Wilson Electronics back in January and they recommended this one for my phone. Jean just bought a 3G one...I'll find out how it's doing and email you.

    Real pooped yesterday after washing AND waxing the Casita!

    Bet you are enjoying these warmer temps.

  3. Nice bed set up....we took tiny's route but can easy slide them back together on those COLD nights :O) We purchased Sue's choice on the hose as well...sure looks like a beauty. Hope it does its job. So a Sleek....hummm first to hear of this. We went the Wilson antenna route but have yet to figure ut the pole attachment. Not sure if this is the same thing...electronics so over my head! Hope you get those legs and arms rested up...a wash and then a hard wax rub down is one hard workout :O)

  4. Yes, feeling the effects of yesterday's work out!

    Wilson Electronics seems to have a lot of good products...looking forward to testing the Sleek...there's a no questions asked, 30 day return policy.

    You have done so much to your new home! Amazing!

  5. Wilson Sleek is the ticket...I got one a couple of years ago...upgraded to a more robust antenna...got 2, one for the Nissan and one for the Casita...it has never let me down...except at Seminole Canyon State park in west texas...I also downloaded pda.net(its free) ..to my Verizon smart phone and tethered to my computer and life is good....I think tomorrow I'll be looking for your "sewer kit"....thanks for sharing...have a terrific Sunday...Horst sends

  6. Great information...did not realize the Sleek had been around for so long! Good to know that it's so reliable...may need more info on a taller antenna but taking the wait and see approach for now.

    Will check into pda app! Thanks.