Looking Back--FL Trip


What a difference a week (and 500 miles) makes! 

Last Saturday morning the sun was shining, balmy breezes blowing and I was in a tee shirt and shorts.  Cold, icy and low thirties are greeting this  day….I’m wondering if I will have the fortitude to get out for a hike later?

It’s been a difficult week, weather wise, as we have only seen the sun for a few hours.  Trying not to get down in the dumps, focusing on the next trip and promises of 60 degrees next week.

Spent the week going through two months of mail, paying bills, getting hair cuts and reconnecting with our cats, family and friends.  Thank you, Shonda, for being a great foster mom…both of our babies look great!


Another first!  Movies in the morning! After a doctor’s appointment yesterday, at 10:20 AM, we went to see Silver Linings Playbook.  Great show!  Love this retirement thing…

Now the boring stuff!  As promised, gas and lodging expenses have been tallied.  Food costs are about the same traveling as at home with a little less restaurant dining while camping.

We drive a 2002 Toyota Tacoma, pull a 2002 16' Casita and carry two 12’ kayaks on top of the truck.  The kayaks effect our gas mileage…averaging from 15 to 16 miles per gallon.

Total mileage was 3100 miles and gasoline costs were $672, paying from around $3.50 to $3.97 (once!)  We started in the Florida panhandle and went as far south as Venice.  Subtracting our normal (home) monthly expenditure for gas, $150… the trip gas costs were $372.

Camped for 60 nights with sites ranging from $40 (two nights) at Mexico Beach down to $0 at a friend’s house.  We averaged $29 per night for 6 days at Myakka State Park.  The higher fees were paid so we could spend quality time with old friends….a great return for our investment!

We enjoyed ten nights in the Florida State parks with the price ranging from $22 to $29.  Loved the wildness of the parks but felt crowded in the campgrounds and wished they gave some kind of break for out of state senior citizens….FL senior residents camp for half price. 

Thirty-three nights we paid $12 or less.  Our favorite places were secluded and without hookups, Dorr Lake and the primitive area of Salt Springs, both in the Ocala National Forest.  Total cost for camping was $799.00, averaging $13.32 per night.

Also bought a new battery, $98, and one trip to a RV repair, $95.

What would we do differently?  Spend more time camping without hookups, invest in a new tv antenna, get a cell booster and don’t forget to pack the inverter!

What mods did I enjoy?  Our new clothes line and the high rise kitchen faucet.  Had no idea that both would constantly be used!

We have loved our time in the Casita….wish I could make being at home as much fun as being gone!

Come on Spring!  It’s time to get ready to go again!




  1. Thanks for the trip report, I like file them away with others and to compare.

    Curses to cabin fever. Love this time of the year before Spring when the weather likes to tease you with what is coming.

    1. I am so ready for spring!
      Looking forward to hearing of your many projects that will come with the warm weather.

  2. Wish you two were here south of Ajo boondocking with us! The weather's been great (even the wind). Stay warm.

    1. Glenda, that makes two of us! Maybe next year?

      I have enjoyed reading your adventures...your boondocking skills are amazing me!

      Hope you are enjoying all this free time.

  3. Loved seeing your breakdown, Lynne. I'm looking forward to more boondocking next time we are down there. And I definitely appreciate the heads up on Lake Dorr.

    I still check the weather in Salt Springs a couple of times a week just to remind myself that there really is warm sunshine somewhere! :)

    Did the cats give you the cold shoulder at first, or were they just thrilled to be home?

    1. Sheba, the Siamese, went from room to room, purring. Princess, the problem child, sulked and hissed for a couple a days....she dislikes any change!

      I know, within a week, that all the miserable cold will be forgotten....but my coping skills are presently exhausted!

      WARM weather is COMING!

  4. Looks as if you had lot's of fun for the money, so to speak.:-) See yal in about 10 days. Hope the weather improves.

  5. Yes, we do manage to get a lot of fun out of a small investment.

    Hanging on here knowing that more good times are coming up. We enjoyed ourselves in the cold at Fort Pickens...will do it again, if necessary!
    Long range forecast looks good (today).

  6. Great summary....thirteen plus change is pretty darn good......but you can't put a price on the outdoors and the camping "Lifestyle"...thanks for sharing.....charge the batteries...internal ones and go find another slice of paradise for all of us...Have a Super Sunday...Horst sends

  7. Love your comment "can't put a price on the outdoors....camping "Lifestyle". So true! This is what makes me feel alive.
    So hard to explain to those who have never experienced it!

  8. Lovely post of all the FL fun....more for my places I love to travel too. It's so special to read in's and out's of other Casita travelers. Remembering Mexico Beach...that side of the panhandle so pricey but that white sand beach is the ultimate to me. And dogs allowed...big plus. Thanks for sharing...Carla

  9. Thanks for commenting, Carla...always great to hear from you!

    Hope that Spring will be coming your way soon! And keep talking about clearing your stuff out...every time you do, I try to remember to get rid of something else!