Spring Snow: Ten Good Things!



I’m sitting at the kitchen table watching the snow flakes meander through the back yard.  I can’t believe my eyes but, outside, the bitter howling wind tells me it’s real though it’s been spring for a week.

Surely Mother Nature had something positive in mind when she refused to admit Spring!  Can I think of anything good about this?

  1. Lovely to look at, snow contrasting with new green grass.
  2. My fuzzy new winter coat will get to be worn.
  3. This dose of winter will make us appreciate the warmth when it comes…if it comes!
  4. Can’t wash the Casita!
  5. Lots of time to prepare the taxes as there is no desire to go outside.
  6. Can look forward to a tasty meal of Wendy’s chili tonight….chili is better when it’s cold outside.
  7. The cold will help kill the bugs…..(heard this all my life and hope it’s true).
  8. Reminds me why I am glad to be a southerner.  Can’t fathom 14 inches…(better you than me, Carla!)
  9. Lesson learned!  If you are somewhere warm, stay there until April!
  10. And, the best thing, it will be gone soon!

Desperately clutching at straws here!

One more wintry day before the temperature starts climbing toward the 60’s.


Last Monday night, while still at Miller’s Ferry, a huge storm hit us with lightening, rain, wind and hail.  The new antenna was lowered and we hunkered down, watching the hail pile up outside and weathering our first storm in a long time. 

A few days later we are heading to the fiberglass egg rally at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, AL. 



This is a great place for a rally!  The park had electric, water and sewer hookups, an enclosed pavilion with a fireplace and was located on a lake.  Sounds like a great egg gathering!

But it was 26 degrees Thursday morning and we wimped out, leaving after 24 hours of fighting the brutal wind.  I was ready to be home, out of the cold. 


Florence, Alabama friends’ egg.

No plans to travel for a few weeks…it’s time to work around the house and yard…..when we can!



  1. Tried working around the house this morning, but the 36 degree temp coupled with the 20 mph wind drove me back inside. Noticed we have the same tastes in deck furniture. We've had the same set for a while, now. Like your list. Maybe I should make one:-)...jc

    1. Great minds think alike:)!

      Postponing all outside stuff until later this week....and the list just keeps getting longer.

      It's a bit comforting knowing that everyone is dealing with this awful stuff!

  2. Looks pretty. . .COLD that is! We've made it to City of Rocks, north of Deming NM but taking our time returning to MO. It's cooler here than south AZ, but nothing wet or cold on the ground! Stay warm.

    1. I love New Mexico and have spent so little time there! Soak up all that wonderful energy for me.
      Hope you you have a great visit with the family! May will be here before we know it.

  3. Well, one positive thing I can come up with about the cold and dreary wet weather we have had is that it erased the painful memories of our multi-year, sun-blasted drought from my mind. :)

    Forida has had its weather trials, too. It got down to 10.5 degrees in Gainesville one night! And Melbourne (I think) had baseball sized hail last weekend.

    I am so sorry you met with such nasty weather on your last trip. I know that you were so looking forward to it.

    Better times are ahead. Warm sunshine, blue skies, and superb camping weather! :)

    1. My new mantra...warm sunshine, blue skies...warm sunshine, blue skies....

      This is the second, (third?) time that I have pronounced spring is here but surely it will arrive this weekend. Our yard needs so much attention.

      Yesterday I heard a mower and looked out the window. A lawn maintenance crew was mowing our neighbor's yard in the blowing snow. Should have gotten a picture.

      I know what you mean about the drought... it's sad to see all the plants suffering from lack of moisture.

  4. Like your "positive List" approach....while the weather here is not even close to what You, Carla and others are experiencing...it has been cold and windy here.....had a lot of chili, stew, and soups to take the chill off the old bones.....hopefully it will start getting to be Spring.....and back to running under the "Sprinklers"...haha...

  5. Unfortunately my current mental image of sprinklers involves sleet!

    That sounds like the right idea....chili,stew and soup.

    Spring must come again...sun and warmth....so ready for them!

  6. Lynne, it looks like you might want to consider disabling anonymous comments. I hate spammers!

  7. Thanks, Sharon. I did so immediately! I had been getting a lot of anonymous comments on the email but they were not showing up on the blog.
    Now it's changed to registered commenters.