Five Fast Days! The 2013 GE&H


Can’t believe that it’s over!  I’m talking about our first trip to the Green Eggs and Ham rally that’s held at Miller’s Ferry in Camden, AL.  This is a fiberglass egg celebration with a St Patty’s Day theme.

On arrival last Tuesday we are disappointed to have reserved a campsite so far from the central hub of activity.  The letdown did not last long as a bitter cold wind is blowing across the lake forcing those with the prime lakefront sites to huddle down in their campers.  Meanwhile we are basking in the warm morning sun, the wind blocked by the thick foliage.   Our site is on an inlet, far from the river, and it’s situated so we can slip our kayaks into the stream.


This is our view from back window.  Alligators were reported to live here but none are sighted.



It appears that we are all alone…..and we are!

Peaceful, quiet, spending our time watching the egrets and turtles.  But this is not why we drove 275 miles!  We came to socialize!

On Friday, with the temps rising into the 70’s, we found ourselves moving to a river front site, closer to friends, but still private.



We are feeling like we’re in a brand new campground…with morning sun and afternoon shade.

This is the unopened pot from the chili dump, my first night of overeating.


If there is a complaint about the rally, it is that the food is too good and too abundant!  The first night started with chili, progressed to gumbo and ended with an unbelievable pot luck.


Eating and socializing pavilion.


Morning tech talk led by Ray.

Friday’s egg parade…(where everyone got a chance to show off their camper.)

DSC_4967 Little Snoozy

Primary occupant of the Little Snoozy


Our Texas friends with their Escape.



Kentucky friends!


The sites are so spacious, some trailers double on a single site.

More of the Texas Casitas.




Sunset from site 21.


Bridge over Alabama River and hubby in kayak.



Our new walmart TV antenna and painter’s pole mast…..works great.  Good Morning America!

Yesterday the masses left and it seemed like a good time to host a dinner party for a few old friends.  Not experienced in camp entertaining, we opted for burgers and dogs.DSC_4970

Hubby tending the charcoal.


Guests arrive!

Lovely evening…note to self…must do more of this!

Today finds us alone again with the last egg pulling out this morning.  And we are dug in for a few days until it’s time to head to another rally in Alabama at Joe Wheeler State Park.

Any one want to join us?


  1. It is so much more spacious than I expected! Loved the site photos and the photos of the different rigs -- and occupants!

    Looks like you had the best of all camping worlds there -- privacy, friends, good food and kayaking!

    1. We did enjoy it!

      Survived the storms last night! Kind of scary but the sun is out and it's going to be 70 today.

      Hang in there...warm breezes are surely coming your way soon.

  2. Replies
    1. So much fun! We had no idea that the Casita rallies would become an addiction for us.

  3. What TV antenna do you have? I need to replace mine that was damaged by a hail storm 2 or 3 years ago and looking for something "easy" for me.

    1. It's a RCA indoor/outdoor digital antenna...40 dollars from Walmart. We put it on a nine foot painter's extension pole. I wrapped duct tape around the top to make it bigger where the U bolts would hold. It has an amplification plug..AC and DC. Pretty simple.

  4. Yep! it was a really fast week. Sure enjoyed spending some time with the two of you, along with all the other folks that attended. Have a great time at Joe Wheeler..jc

    1. Likewise on the spending time! Looks like our time at Joe Wheeler is going to be COLD. Just hate going back north.

      Hope to see you somewhere on the road!

  5. A little bit of both worlds...nice site!

  6. Hey, might copy that clothesline!!

    1. It's from Camping World and I use it constantly. $29.95 (on sale)

      Hope to see you at a rally someday!

  7. Internet here at Miller's Ferry is giving me headaches.

    Hope we have a better connection starting tomorrow!

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  9. Looks like a fun time was had by all...looking at "JC's"blog it looks like the food kept flowing...great photo's...BTW what and where is Miller's Ferry...Safe Journey...Horst

  10. LOL.....it's a dot on the map.....west of Montgomery AL, south of Selma. It's on the Alabama River 10 miles from Camden!