Working Hands!

It feels like winter although my brain tells me that it is barely fall and   beautiful autumn weather is just ahead.
But it is rainy, overcast with a bone chilling north wind and I am wondering what I can do (or where I can go) to prevent the winter blues.

I have found a new indoor activity....trying to get my hands to return to their normal color.  So far, paint stripper, scrub brushes, soap, dishwashing liquid, lotions, cream, and loofahs have not worked.  At first there was pride in my badge of hard labor, now I am just embarrassed!

The aforementioned hard work was the application of a permanent rust removal paint, POR-15, to our Casita trailer frame.  We had used this recommended product 4 years ago on a badly rusted 1990 13' Casita and we were very pleased with the results.  This time we bought the special POR stripper thinking that it would remove the product.  
It does remove it, as long as it is still wet!  According to the fine print, it is going to be on our skin until it wears off.

This is after the first coat.  I love the way it looks....I guess it is worth it....and, I know, we should have worn gloves!

Yesterday, due to the rain, we took a break from working and went shopping at Camping World.  Came home with rubber gloves (wonder why?), more gel polish and a clothes dryer to mount on the Casita bumper.  Hoping that we can get through with the painting and get it mounted on the bumper before the next trip!

Cherokee, NC is our next destination and it can not come soon enough!


  1. Sorry you are contending with that mess, have no additional suggestions. Now know why am glad I used One Step to address the rust on my trailer. It is water-based and washes off with soap and water. Course, any paint you put over needs to be an oil-based enamel. Wonder what Californians would do since they can't buy oil-based paints there. Bummer.

    1. It was/is a mess but I think that it will be worth the trouble.
      I do prefer the soap and water clean up!

      Knew we needed to get this done after seeing you work on your 16'!

  2. That's got to be some tough stuff to hang on like that. Does make a great looking job, though.

    1. Tough, yes!
      I think it is suppose to prevent rust for the next 200 years!

  3. Well, the trailer's paint job is truly beautiful. And it will come off your hands eventually! :)

    I used to bungee a wood clothes drying rack to the Aliner's back bumper. I was thinking of getting one for the Casita, but I'll wait till after I see yours.

    Glad we don't have a Camping World too close!

  4. The only thing that we would do differently is use gloves! I do really like this stuff.

    One of our mentors, Ranger Duke, had this drying rack at Kansas and I liked it better than the other ones we saw.
    And it was on sale!

  5. Oh no!!! Kind of the new henna tattoo :O) You could bring white gloves back into the wardrobe... I remember Jerry telling me of him and his cousin painting the basement in green oil based paint (back then it probably had lead in it)and they decided to paint themselves! His mom grabbed them by the ears, dragged them to the gas pump and washed them down...did you try gasoline! No don't... :O)

  6. LOL! I think gas was the only thing that we did not try....no, stopped before we got to bleach.
    My mom did try to give me some white gloves!

    It is almost gone, now, after 3 days of scrubbing.

    Lesson learned!