Cherokee, Second Thoughts

There was so much more to the Cherokee rally.
My mom, who is turning 85 next week, and my step-father, 86, and my sister decided to rent a camping cabin and stay at Happy Holiday the same weekend as the rally.  It was good to be able to share some special moments with them, but it was also stressful!  I did try to be a good daughter and sister and think I succeeded. (Can’t say that all the time!)

Looking back, trying to remember what stood out, I think of the sunshine and the colors and the water.  There was a pleasant energy between the campers, friendly and excited to be meeting.  This rally was different (from my experience) due to many of the attendees not knowing anyone from previous gatherings.
Lots of first timers and we had participants from distant places.  One couple came from Vermont, the top part of the state where they work seasonally at a ski resort.  I asked them if they had come for the just for the event and, surprisingly, they replied in the affirmative.  Another couple stood out as she was 91 years old (and looked 20 years younger!)  There were awards at the pot luck for the oldest camping trailer and for those who traveled the most distance. 

This was our first year to leave the campground and explore some of the area.  We traveled to Mingo Falls with another couple (Sharon and Ron) and I am glad that we went.  Maybe next year, assuming that there will be a next year, we will visit the Cherokee village.

We did not fish as much as we did in previous years.  My husband did catch two very nice rainbows….no pictures, and they are now in the freezer.  I missed camping on the larger creek and watching all of the real fishermen reeling in the big ones!

We had two fun experiences with, what I am now calling, Casita lurkers.  One couple followed us up into Deep Creek campground wanting to see our trailer which we gladly showed.  Another car was parked alongside Chatta-Egg when we exited the Cherokee McDonald’s.  “Is that your trailer?”  Most people are so excited to see an egg and very grateful when allowed inside.  I guess I should come up with a nicer name for such nice people.

Changing subjects!  I got the duplex rented two days ago!  Such a relief and now I don’t need to feel guilty when we take off again.  And we do need to camp all we can….winter is on the way.  I am already mourning not being in the desert!


  1. There's still a few sites available at Fort Pickens between Christmas and New years. Didn't see your name on the list. Get busy and make that reservation. Then you can change the name of your blog to Desert, Mountain, Beach.:-)

    1. Yes! I had already thought that it needed to be Casita in the Valley as that is where she lives.

      We are registered....thanks for the reminder! I just went back and fixed it on the forum.

  2. Somehow your photo captures the essence of what I saw of the Cherokee area. I think it's the misty light. I can feel the place again when I look at that photo.

    Next year at Cherokee I want to have enough pin money saved to go shopping -- I really NEED some nice moccasins. :D

    I hope someday to make it to the southwest. I love reading about people boondocking in the desert.

  3. I really like Happy Holiday RV Park....the pond with the fountain, the creek full of trout and the mountain surrounding it.
    It was a great weekend, so glad we could finally meet!