Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   We are 980 miles down the road set up at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, TX.  Nice park with two falls according to the brochure...we have not seen much of it yet but hope to go hiking today.

Thursday night was spent in the RV parking at a Cracker Barrel on I-10 just before the Texas line and it's amazing how well we slept.  The bright lights over our head were a little bothersome, but it's a trade off as we felt safe. It was a long travel day ( for us) going through all of MS and LA.  The highlight of the day was traveling over a long bridge with bayou as far as we could see. (Mental note...return with our kayaks someday).

An pleasant surprise happened yesterday when a blogging friend returned an email and we discovered that they were only 30 miles away!  They were traveling north after finishing up a work kamping job.  Also wanting  to get off the road for the holiday, they're set up right next to us!  We spent the evening sharing travel stories.  They are also planning on attending the Casita Quartzsite gathering so we may see them again.  There is one more Casita set up here in the park.  Me being me, I had to go meet them.  They are locals from Austin and plan to visit with us some today...a mini Casita gathering!

We are having beautiful sunny weather so I should not complain about the chilly nights.

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