Getting Ready

Counting down!  Making lists, running errands, trying to simultaneously juggle Christmas shopping and trip preparation.  Yes, in just a few short weeks we are taking off for our Next Big Trip!  The Arizona desert has been calling us for a couple of years and now, without any current health challenges, we are heading to the warmth of the Arizona sun.

After spending countless hours on the internet researching campgrounds, pricing, and low temperatures, I am still fighting fears of being cold.  This is actually a realistic fear as temps often drop to freezing in the desert and we plan to be camping without electricity for much of the trip.  Our precious little camper did not come with a furnace so we will be relying on propane fuel.  (Yes, we will leave a window open.)

My other fear of the cats escaping has been banished, thanks to the kindness of a dear friend. They will be safe in a loving home.  We will miss them and they will miss us but I was not looking forward to 1900 miles of meowing and then there would be the constant worry every time the camper door was opened.

I'm new to the blogging.  Bear with me as I attempt to chronicle our journey.

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  1. This is very exciting! Your trip will be wonderful, and the little propane heater will be perfect. We just about never use our camper furnace since it doesn't keep an even temperature and is very noisy when it comes on. So you will prefer the propane by far. We look forward to reading more as you travel. When do you leave? Well done getting this started!