Still getting ready

We are still trying to balance Christmas and packing!  This morning I am cooking a turkey, blogging, and trying to discern what's next on the getting ready list.   Next is the internet access.

After spending countless hours last week looking at Verizon and trying to figure a way I could justify getting their service, the Virgin Mobile MIFI is still not installed.  I have been told that Sprint will have limited service once we get into west Texas but the prepaid usage is limited on Verizon and the device cost is astronomical.  I refuse to be back under a contract.

We are both fighting colds.  I figure that it is the stress of leaving as we rarely get sick.  As much as we want to be free and flit around the country, a part of us hates the leaving.  I felt sad yesterday as I watched a cardinal  pecking away at his suet.  Soon there will be no suet from us!

Once we get Christmas Eve and Day finished, we will become more focused on the trip and the mixed feelings will be replaced by joy!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

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