Perfect Weekend

This past weekend the weather, the company and the scenery all came together to provide the most delicious experience.  We picked McKinney Falls State Park as it was close to Austin and I wanted to see an old friend that lived there.  And I did think that there would be an outside chance that my blogging acquaintance would be in the area.  Glenda called it "serendipity" that she read my email as they were traveling by.  (This is Glenda from casitaescapes.blogspot.com.)
Campsite 66
Saturday we hiked from camp and saw both falls.  It was 70 plus degrees and shorts would have been more comfortable.
Bald cypress at the water's edge

Loved the rocks

Lower Falls

Such a great weekend!  Said our goodbyes (for now)
and got back on the road late.
Overnighting at a RV park in Ozona, TX.  I am not sure that we will get out of Texas by tomorrow night...such a huge state!

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