Saying Goodbye

I did not realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to our cats. When the time came to load them up and take them to their new temporary home,  we almost changed our minds.  We discussed taking them and, again, the fear of them getting out of the trailer was too great!
So here we are 291 miles from home and the trauma of leaving, not just the cats but our home, friends and family, is beginning to fade.  Hello to Meridian MS!  It is 5:30 AM, 30 degrees at the Bonita Lakes RV Park.  My husband is sleeping and our new TV is thankfully off and I am snuggled into my seat with wool socks and a blanket tucked around me.
We have questioned this quest to the desert.  Why are we going  somewhere that's cold at night?  Florida has always been our winter destination.  We have decided that this is a trial and we will see; this maybe our one and only winter Arizona trip.  Our ultimate destination is the Quartzsite Casita gathering during the middle of February and meeting some of our Casita friends.  Our plans today include dewinterizing, I hope we don't regret it but we are heading south, going an extra distance just to get away from the cold.  Austin is the plan for New Year's Eve.

Most of this post and the pictures were taken with my samsung tablet.  Still experimenting....I don't like the pictures but not enough to redo.  The Virgin mobile MIFI did great in the car (but we are still east of the Mississippi) although my speed has slowed considerably.

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