“Q”, a desert lake, & another problem


We land at Hidden Beaches in Blythe, CA to deal with the house issues.  (See former post.)  It is on the Colorado River and sounds like a beautiful park.  But not so with the full hookups.  We are stuck in a slum, looking at a storage shed and our neighbor’s refrigerator.  To be fair, the water sites are immaculate…we did not inquire on their cost. This is a PA park which is $16 with the discount.

DSC_0001Colorado River

We arrive at Dome Rock on Monday, 5 days before the huge fiberglass rally that happens the first weekend in February.  Parking in the back close to John and BJ, we think we have a good spot.   The next day Jerry and Wanda appear and then Glenda and Jeff .  It is bloggers row!

I take few photos…can’t seem to get excited about taking pictures of trailers that look identical.  The time is spent visiting and eating. 




John, BJ and Turk.

The weather is turning hot!  It gets up to 89 inside our trailer and more Casitas keep arriving.  We are beginning to feel like a sandwich.

On Saturday morning, no longer having fun, we head east to Scottsdale for another short visit with family.

Trying something new, we make reservations at Westworld of Scottsdale.  It is just for one night and much easier to park than the daughter’s back yard.

Our site is in a parking lot facing the polo field.



This large tent is the home of the famous Barrett-Jackson collector car auction.  West World is huge!  We walk 3 miles trying to see everything.

I know there are some cooler temperatures somewhere.  We head up into the Tonto National Forest to a campground on Lake Roosevelt. 

Beauty is found everywhere.





And it is cooler!  A lovely breeze caresses us as we walk in the morning sun. 

I am walking frequently, on a mission to lose some weight after seeing some disturbing photos of myself.  Manage to complete 6 miles (according to the phone) the first full day.

Life is good…much like life right before we had the home crisis 7 days ago.  And, again, another issue…much like the first one!  This time a clog in the plumbing has resulted in an overflow and a very bad smell! 

Thanks to a good friend who met the septic company and then met the plumbers, the crisis is resolved.  Not sure at this writing if we must head back home early to take care of the aftermath.  Don’t want to leave…each day here in the winter feels like a golden gift!

Will know something in a few days.


  1. Glad you found some cooler weather. And sure hoping you don't have to head home to take care of problems. I understand that Roosevelt's water level is way down.

  2. Yes. It's down but we aren't swimming or kayaking so doesn't matter...still beautiful....Just love the mountains in the Tonto.
    We're trying to stay positive the house will be ok.

  3. Awww, I am so sorry to hear about further issues with the house. I sure hope things can be taken care of and you all don't have to cut your trip short.

  4. Thanks, Gerri.....very sweet of you!
    What will be, will be. We have had a great time...planning on attending the GE&H. Will you be there?

  5. Lynne, I am so very sorry to hear about the plumbing problems. I do hope they don't cut your trip short.

    Glad you found cooler temperatures. Wishing you the best!

  6. Likewise back at you, Sharon!

    Have you had any thoughts of going home? Has your winter excursion cost you more or less than you expected?

    We should know soon if it's time to leave.

  7. Hopefully you Septic problems won't have you rushing home...Lake Roosevelt looks like a great place to hike around..is that a CoE CG?...safe travels to your next sunset...Horst sends

  8. Our campground is one of several on Roosevelt Lake...it's in the Tonto NF. One must have a daily Tonto pass...cost $3 for the senior version. A real deal!

    1. Thanks for the info Lynne....definitely on my list of places to hang my hat...for a time....hopefully your septic foes are behind you...Horst sends