More Lake Roosevelt and good news!

Our week at Lake Roosevelt  passes uneventfully.  Our time is more precious with the thought that it may be our last week in the desert.  There’s a path along the bluff above the lake.  We walk it each morning for exercise and entertainment.
Unidentified hawk….possible red tail?
The campground from a small hill…red truck..bottom right.
Four Peaks Wilderness Area is to the west of us….seems strange as the peaks have always been east of where we previously camped.
Although the lake level is down, its beauty still overwhelms us.
The campground allows the winter visitors to stay for months.  This makes for some interesting neighbors.
This Canadian has the right idea for simple camping.  Notice the smoke vent in the middle of the tent!  A good neighbor…very polite.
Found an old graveyard where workers who died while constructing the dam are buried.  The Theodore Roosevelt Dam was completed in 1911.
T Roosevelt Dam
Roosevelt Bridge…built 1992.
At the end of the week, on a mission, we leave this peaceful camp.  It is time to WASH CLOTHES!  This is capitalized due to importance…we have not washed since January 18th…4 weeks ago!.........(Later I realized that I am lying! Completely forgot about using a RV park laundry in Yuma...not a senior moment....a senior two days...so sorry!)

Deciding that we are not able to drive 90 miles, wash for two hours and then drive through traffic to Phoenix in one day, we move closer to civilization…back to the parking lot at Phon D Sutton Rec Area.  This way we will only need to drive 18 miles to the laundry.  The parking lot is full of a singles group and we move to the next lot.  From this position we are able to see the fountain at Fountain Hills shoot up at 6 PM and a bald eagle circling the Salt River looking for dinner!

Choosing to wash at the Superstition Laundry is a wise decision.  With the help of an assistant we are able to get everything in one 50 lb. washer! ($5.50) Twenty four minutes to wash and 30 minutes to dry and we are done!!
(Note: we did not go around dirty and stinking…)

This past weekend is spent back at the relatives and we are now, happily, back at Lost Dutchman State Park, near Apache Junction.
And, thanks to my friends and relatives, our house has been cleared of foul odors and brown liquids.  No need to go back home early!  Hooray!

But the countdown has begun….must hit the road going east in two weeks or less.


  1. Good news on the house. How do you carry so many clothes? Two weeks between washings are about the best we can do. It's COLD in the Southeast at present. Don't leave until you have to.:-)

    1. We ARE carrying a lot of clothes..stuffed in soft carryalls under the bed.
      No, don't want to be cold..wonder what kind of weather we will have in Montgomery, AL?

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  2. That is good news. What Jerry said. I'm getting weather updates and the next 4 days will be gnarly down there. Canadians make great camping neighbors!

    1. Been following the southern weather...hoping it's not too bad and our cats don't lose electricity.
      Good to hear from you...keep on having fun!

  3. So glad to hear the house situation has been resolved!! Travel slowly because it is bitter cold in Georgia today and it will be even colder tomorrow!!! I am beyond ready for warm weather...camping weather!!
    Love your pics!!

    1. We made the mistake of coming back home too soon last year.....snowed on us three times. But we can't resist showing up for the Green Eggs rally in mid March.

      Even with all the worries, so glad we are here ...not there!

  4. GREAT news on the Septic stuff...Another cold front is moving in here by weekend...and your home State got hit with some white flakes...I believe.....About your wash...as I recall back in the summer of 2013 when I was coming across country with my Gsons and my daughter questioned "clean underwear"...A certain Blogger from Tenn. wrote, and I quote, "...I must add that clean underwear is highly over rated".... :), have we changed in 18 months?? haha...safe travels as you meander back East....BTW Great photo of Lake Roosevelt!...Horst sends

  5. I will forever be famous for that unthinking statement! Which, by the way, I still believe! Firm believer in not being told what is acceptable behavior.

    Yes, it's cold back home...so glad we are not there ...even if I must worry a bit about the pipes.

    Hope to seeyou out here some winter...

  6. I'm thinking I might need to hear a session on how you can take enough clothes to wear for four weeks, fit them all (and DH's clothes) under the bed of a Casita camper, and manage to wash all of them in one load, all the while not wearing any thing that smells! Pretty impressive! :-) Your not missing any good weather here. The ice storm that hit East Georgia missed Chattanooga; today we got snow flurries all day - but nothing was sticking. We are now settling in for 36+ hours of below freezing temps: low of 7 tonight, high of 22 tomorrow, low of 15 tomorrow night. With a chance of ice pellets on Saturday a.m., and rain (and mid 40's) by Sunday. Does that just make you homesick????? :-)

  7. Put me on the schedule for the rally in Townsend and I'll do a class! But it only works in arid places.
    So glad we are here.....don't understand how anyone could enjoy snow!
    Pray for an early spring.

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  9. FYI..So sorry!!!
    In the middle of the night, I remembered washing clothes in Yuma!
    You can't believe much of what you read on the internet!
    Will correct the blog when the laptop gets recharged.

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  11. YAY for the laundry! It IS worth posting about.

    I saw those giant washers for the first time when we were camping near Apopka. They also had 20 or 30# ones (I forget) and we used one of those. But I sure noticed the 50 pounders!

    Glad the house is taken care of and you don't have to rush back to clean it up.

    Heading home? My head is spinning at how quickly this winter is passing!

    1. This laundry had two 80 pound washers...which I would have used if the assistant had not stopped me.
      I thought the whole process was just short of miraculous!

      We are not really heading home but heading east to attend another rally...then home.

      It's been a fun winter...

  12. I like the story better about it being four weeks. Like Chris says, never let the facts get in the way of a good story! :-)