Another Day in the parking lot!



We are back in one of our favorite places, Phon D Sutton Recreation Area in the Tonto NF, and we never thought we would be so happy camping in a parking lot!

It’s the Salt River that makes it so special….(see above photo.) And the wild horses and bald eagles also entice us to stay. 

We moved here last weekend, thinking we would stay one night on our way back to the Cholla camp at Lake Roosevelt.  But as the day passed, we found no reason to move.

Now we are working on our fifth day!  The $3.00 daily fee for the senior version of the Tonto pass also helps us to stay put.

And we keep discovering places to hike!





One day runs into the next.  We chat with neighbors,  hike and sit and stare into the mountains.  Trying not to be sad….this is our last week in the desert.

Backing up to 10 days ago….

We pull onto the 202 after saying good bye to David’s family in Phoenix.  Not sure of our destination but have several camps in mind.  But after the Flatiron of the Superstition Mountains rises in front of us, our truck heads straight for Lost Dutchman SP.

We notice another Casita as we try to maneuver into our spot. Taking a second look, the Casita is waving at us!  What a great surprise, it’s Bob and Mary from Kansas! We last saw them at Quartzsite.

After talking them into  second night, we call other fiberglass friends from Mesa, John and BJ, and arrange a mini gathering.


David’s hand!

It’s great to see everyone again….may be another year before we visit again!

David wants to hike up the Siphon Draw trail as he has only looked up at the mountain looking over us.



(Our hike photos are on my camera….will insert here if I get to a place to download them. )

Less than a mile up the Siphon Draw trail in the Superstitions.

2015-02-19 11.17.52 

2015-02-19 10.58.33

2015-02-19 10.59.35

2015-02-19 18.41.48

Lost Dutchman SP


Our parking lot home.


Salt River


Unidentified desert flower.

2015-02-22 11.42.04

David feeling envious!

2015-02-22 11.37.22

Another Salt River photo.

Although we are sad to leave our winter home, we do have many good things happening in the future. We are excited to be attending the rally in Montgomery, Alabama in less than two weeks.  Just need to get through the several thousand miles between here and there!

Then we can go home, catch up with family and friends and, fingers crossed, sell our house!


  1. It was so good to see you while you were on the area! Safe travels and hurry back next year.

    1. We enjoyed spending time with you and BJ and your oranges were superb!
      Hope to repeat our visit next winter.

  2. Fun! Great photos. I can hardly think of leaving here. DH says it's 34 and raining. No thanks!!!

    1. Five to 7 inches of snow back in Chattanooga this morning....so glad we are not there....have loved this winter but responsibilities are calling us back east.
      Continue to have a good time for the rest of us!

  3. Think it may be time to start praying for warm weather at GE&H. Hasn't been above 37* here for three days. Lots of snow from Jackson, MS Northward. Wishing you safe travels. We'll see you in about 10 days:-)

    1. Surely this mess in the Southeast will go away soon!
      Will be praying for decent weather.
      It will be great to see everyone again!
      Hang in there.

  4. So, did you make it to the top of the Flatiron? Our failure to do so still bothers me!

  5. You must have me confused with some other Lynne....the top of Flat Iron is not on my to do list! We just climbed until it seemed far enough.
    Curious as to why you're bothered...it just seemed like good sense to turn around when you did.

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  7. Great post....I'm like you Guys, I can never get enough of the Lost Dutchman State Park...Super photo's...take your time traveling East...it is a mess..this A.M. with wind chill it 25 degrees here....and just a fade north icy....take care and safe Journey...Horst sends

    1. Great to hear from you!

      Yes, we will be keeping a close eye on the weather.
      Currently in Tucson....hope the weather around San Anton will be decent by mid week.

    2. I hope so also, that's when I go up north to pickup my 100 watt solar suitcase unit.... :) Horst sends

  8. Hey, just wondered how you like the cat harness we both bought in Q. Elvis has learned how to back out of it, so I'm trying to pull the velcro tighter without strangling him. Damn cats!

  9. Sylvester has only got out of his once and that was when David decided he wanted to start cooking and he tied the cat (like a dog!) to the trailer hitch.
    He's tried to back out of it when something frightens him but I quickly scoop him up.

    We take it off after we are in for the evening. He's so funny....once it's off, he purrs and washes forever!

    We are on our way back east...bracing for that blast of icy air that's to hit tomorrow night!

  10. Lynne - we are looking forward to meeting up with you when you get back. -- sheryl

  11. Likewise! Stay warm..think spring!

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  13. Another post of gorgeous country. Enjoy Gunter...heard close to a 100... On the ice line here, but looks like we can get into MS this weekend. Crazy southern weather...hate to be stuck on I65. Travel safe...crossing fingers on the sale. Might want to bury St. Christopher...worked for us ;)

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  16. Great idea...burying St Christopher! We're excited about selling..hope it goes fast.
    The Green Eggs forecast is not very good...trying not to be disappointed...just borrowing trouble to be thinking about it so soon.
    Glad you two are safe and the trip north is happening. Linger long in the south...we are already missing the warm sun's rays.