Peace in the Desert...Anza Borrego SP

It is late afternoon when we arrive at the Visitor Center in Borrego Springs.  Our trip from Yuma is uneventful except for seeing boon docking places, Ogilby Road and Salton Sea, frequently mentioned by a famous blogger.

As it is late, we are concerned about finding a spot to land for the night.  The volunteer at the Center is helpful and directs us to one of her favorite areas, but on the way we spot a huge expanse of land between two mountains with RVs sitting spaciously from each other.  And there is a cell signal!

That's us, the red dot in the middle!

Turning the camper door away from the setting sun, we think this spot is perfect for the night, not realizing that it will be perfect for the next four nights!

It's difficult to see from the photo, but there is no one close to us!  I can yell at Sylvester, David can yell at me, and no one can hear!

We want to see the pictographs that LuAnn  (http://paintyourlandscape.com/2015/01/25/natures-history-lesson-anza-borrego-desert-state-park-ca/) recently wrote about in her blog.

To find the trail we must take the truck for miles on sand roads...our little baby really got a work out, but it was worth it!

The photo is morteros.... holes made by the native people, Kumeyaay, used for grinding pinon nuts, mesquite beans and desert agave into meal.

There is a stunning view on past the markings where a wall of rocks opens up to this panorama.

The Palm Canyon hike is also recommended by a friend.  This time I set off alone as the hubby declines the exertion two days in a row.
This will be my 3rd hike into a palm canyon...one two years ago and another, recently, in Kofa. But this is different!

I am able to go right up into the trees!

Our time at Anza Borrego is special....relaxing with nature surrounding us.  Coyotes serenading us at night after the light shows are over.

All is well in my world....no cares, no frustrations, nothing that must be accomplished!  Each night I enjoy the solitude, sitting alone,  watching the clouds float over the moon while hubby spends his time inside reading.

Little did I know that my world would turn upside down, temporarily, a few miles down the road.

The call came as we were on our way to Joshua Tree NP.  My friend, staying at our house, called to let us know that sewage was coming up in the sink downstairs!!!

She is rightfully traumatized and so am I!  I tell her I cannot talk...must get off the road!

After 24 hours of stress, the situation is resolved.  My dear 87 year old mom met the septic contractor who pumped the tank..and she paid him!  Very important as he did not like dealing with his customer being in California.  

And there is always a lesson to be learned!  So ready to get rid of the house!!!

While on the road, we feel alive and happy!  Not so much at home.

Currently posting from the library at Quartzsite....not sure were we will be tomorrow.  But all is well, again!


  1. OMG I am so glad you got the house situation resolved!! Your mom definitely saved the day!!!
    On a sweeter note....what a beautiful place the desert is!! Such beauty and peace!! I know you and David are truly enjoying the moments spent there!

  2. I like to think we are living a quality life...not a life full of quantity.
    Love how travel teaches us about the unknown....never would have imagined liking a desert.

  3. With you, and so many others singing the praises of Ansa Borrego, we're going to have to make time to visit next year.

    1. Yes, a must for the to do list.
      (Enjoying camping next to you and BJ.)

  4. Great looking place...I have noted for my next trip out West....You are living a "Quality Life"...now that you are enjoying the Desert you need to try "Big Bend"... :)

    Thanks for sharing....and continued "Happy Trails" to you and David...Horst sends

    1. Putting Big Bend on the list! We both have been there but not in 20 years. Time to go again! Great to hear from you.

  5. So glad you got to spend time in Anza Borrego but sorry you had to deal with a home problem long-distance. We had that same situation with a home in MI many years ago. Great photos. Love that sunset shot. Did you make it out to Font's Point while at Anza? Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. No, the guy at the vc said our truck would get stuck as it's not 4 wheel...we thought about riding our bikes...but didn't.
      You are welcome and great to hear from you!

  6. Some day we are going to get to this area. I just have to convince Jim that it's okay to go that far into California. lol So glad you were able to get the sewer problem taken care of. When you own a stix and bricks, there is always something to take care.

    1. CA is not our favorite camping state! But the photos and free boon docking in 640,000 acres were too much to resist!
      Safe travels to you both!

  7. I'm thinking it was good you weren't at home when the sewer backed up. At least you didn't actually have to see it! Yes, we so love not owning a house anymore.

  8. Glad we were not home...don't want to ever go home...but maybe we can get it sold this spring. And then...more travel!

  9. That large sunset photo looks like something from another dimension almost. Gorgeous. Otherworldly.

    And do I ever resonate with your statement, "While on the road, we feel alive and happy! Not so much at home."

    I'm so happy for you, Lynne. :)

    1. I know we have that sentiment in common! And I am happy for you two.
      How are we ever going to go home???