Tourists in San Francisco



Fisherman’s Wharf

Sanborn County Park in Saratoga has been our home for the past four days while my husband has been visiting with his son.  It’s a lovely park but the drive up the mountain is challenging with a very narrow winding road.  Also the internet connection has been driving me crazy…very off and on….even using the Wilson Sleek cell booster.  Strange…..we are in the heart of Silicon Valley but the mountain range that holds the San Andreas fault is blocking reception.


But, overall, our time here has been very pleasant.  We got treated to a day in the city that included a trolley ride down to Fisherman’s Wharf.IMG_1945

We were sitting inside as the car went straight up and down…only got pictures through the window.






The wharf is a zoo…..a mass of humanity looking for food and entertainment.  It is difficult to be around so many people after being in the spaciousness of Alaska.  On the sidewalk street performers, mimes, bands and portrait artists divert our attention.



Our time is spent visiting and eating!  Lots of great food! 

We were introduced to Peets Coffee, Cookie Butter and Trader Joe’s.

Before it’s too late, here are a few pictures from our drive south toward the bay area.


These elk were grazing next to the beach….a very strange sight for us!


Lunch time!


Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State park is a 31 mile section of the old 101 highway.  We stopped to get an up close view of the big trees.



We started east yesterday.…..planning to to take I-80 all the way to Colorado.

It’s a relief to be heading back east, or at least be heading away from the west coast!  There are too many people crammed into one continuous town!

We made it to Rollins Lake in Colfax,  CA yesterday and opted for an electric hook-up to run the AC.  First time the air conditioner has been on since last September in Kansas!

Looking forward to another great visit with friends in CO after getting through Nevada, Utah and Wyoming! 


  1. I'm from NJ originally and used to mail order Peet's regularly. Now I can find it in many supermarkets as we travel. My fav is Major Dickison's blend.

    1. Hi Debbie....thank you so much for letting me know about Peet's. Now I just need to locate it back in the southeast. Will be sure to try the Major's blend after my supply is located.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Great photos...really like the last one...and the Elk photos...can't believe you had no cell, especially since you had the Wilson sleek.....oh well...safe journey to Colorado...super time of year to go (weather wise)...I understand there is still a problem with Forest Fires.....safe travels...Horst sends

    PS.... I know what you mean about the crowds...its one of the pluses of going camping...distance myself from the masses...as my Dad use to say "The Masses are Asses"...LoL..Horst

    1. Love your Dad's quote!

      Yes, it was anxiety producing to drive in all of that traffic. We even pulled our trailer down 101 through the City!

      I think my Sleek problem is with the antenna as I never orderd the longer trucker's wand. Just using the little 6 inch antenna but mount it on my tv pole. Not sure of which one to order.

      Take care of yourself!

  3. I would have loved to visit Fisherman's Wharf -- once! That dose of crowds and clamor would do me for a while. :)

    Loved the elk photos. They do seem very out of place grazing by the ocean, don't they?

    I got so tickled at Horst's comment about the Masses.

    My Dad had a similar saying: "Fools' names are like their faces, always found in public places." :D

    Colorado! What a wonderful destination. Looking forward to experiencing it through your eyes.

    1. Glad you liked the elk....they were right on a pull out and had quite an audience.

      We have been driving through the desert all day....staying at the Elko,NV Wal-Mart tonight....no one else is here. A clerk says everyone goes to the casino and stays for free there.

      Plan to get rested up before our time in CO so I can get back to photography.
      Yes, Horst is a hoot!

  4. Horst did it for me too. The little Casita next to the Redwood really put the size in perspective! Still contemplating the Sleek...a mystery to finding bars. Finally gave in today and opted in for 5 more GB with Verizon. Beach bucks...cute! You are sure seeing some beautiful country!

    1. We have seen alot! And missed many things 'cause we just did not have the energy to take them in. Bypassed Yosemite yesterday and Lake Tahoe today....but this is the very busy season and it appeared that we should have made reservations months ago. Just anxious to get away from the asses.....Oh, I mean masses!

      I like my Sleek but it's not doing for me what it is doing for my friend, Jean.(Borderbrae) Possibly the antenna is the problem,

  5. Wow, elk on the beach. Kewl!! I figure one visit to San Fran is enuf for me. So looking forward to your visit. BUT. . .we want you happy & relaxed, so make the trip nice & easy. Seems to be a bit of Fall in the air here already, so don't think you'll need the A/C either. See ya soon.

    1. Thank for the info.... I was wondering if it was going to be hot.

      Plan to get the hard stuff (desert) over with and find an idyllic spot in the woods and rest.

      Looking forward to it!

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  7. Nice pics. Tired of all those folks? Drop down to Carson City, and take Hwy 50 East across Nevada to Utah and Colorado. You definitely won't find any crowds.:-) Safe travels.....jc

    1. David and I were just looking at the map and saw that road....it is called the Lonliest Road!

      I am still kind of scared of big mountains....thought it would be easier on the interstate.

      See several mountains to cross before Kansas!

  8. I bet it is a shock to the system to leave Alaska and then be in San Francisco...lots of people, hurried and busy!! What an amazing visit to the area. I agree, the Casita parked beside the redwoods sure puts size into perspective!! You all drive safely as you head east!! :-)

  9. I am feeling better and better as we get further east! Don't know if it's the wide open country or the lower humidity..maybe both!

    Thanks....trying to always err of the side of safety!

  10. That area and that city is one of my all time favorite places "to visit". Still trying to decide if I can fit a bloodhound and two basset hounds in a Casita with me :)

  11. We will probably store the Casita on the next Bay visit and just stay with the family....(and let them drive us around.)

    Maybe you should consider a larger trailer if downsizing your family is out of the question. I really believe that you are meant to travel or you would have just forgotten about it by now!

    Wishing you lots of wisdom and courage as you make your decision.