Marina Camping in Newport


Hubby’s picture of the harbor

Our time in the Columbia River Gorge is spent at Ainsworth State Park where it is just $20 for full hook-ups.  Numerous waterfalls are just down the ancient Highway 30, a few miles from the camp.  Hiking trails are running everywhere.  We are back in the mountains and everything is green!



Columbia River Gorge

The Multnomah Falls, a 620 f00t waterfall, is our first destination.  Getting a good picture is way beyond my ability….this is only the top  of the falls.






Ponytail Falls

It’s foggy and feels like rain and there’s a Camping World in the gorge!  We need to replace our broken hitch lock and converter latch, both destroyed on the horrible roads.

One hundred or so dollars later we are leaving as happy campers. The two items are accompanied by a new rug and new placemat (both on sale) and two new LED’s for the side table.

It’s time to head to the Oregon coast!  It’s not far but it’s late.  The All Stays ONP app indicates a Wal Mart in McMinnville, OR  and there’s a brand new car wash next door!  (The truck and camper were washed in lower BC but only the top layer of mud was removed.)

It’s busy street next to the store…..not accustomed to so much traffic!  Our motor home neighbors are grilling steak in the parking lot!

We are warned that the Oregon coast is very crowded on the weekend.  The state park people suggest we try the Newport Marina and RV Park.


They are full on the regular sites but have space available in the dry camping lot…$18 a night.


Suddenly we are in the midst of another world! Our back window faces the harbor and from the side we are watching the fish cleaning table loaded with pounds of halibut and tuna.  A short walk away is the fishing pier where everyone is crabbing!


Crab nets


The young child holding this starfish says it’s for his Chinese grandmother who will make starfish soup!




Red Rock Crabs

The beach is also nearby…….



There’s so much to do…not sure where to start.  Deciding to get some exercise, we walk to the beach.  On the way we see signs not seen back in the southeast!




I am feeling rested and enjoying the time with my husband.  We are taking lots of pictures.







Switching subjects…..


This is a foldup 7.5 watt solar panel designed to charge cell phones.  This one came from Canadian Tire in Whitehorse….had to wait until we were back in the states and had sunshine before it could be tested.

It works great!  (But much slower than an electric charge.)Sunforce  22007 Coleman 7.5 watt portable solar panel.


It’s at Amazon…sorry, could not get the link to work. 


  1. Love the Oregon coast - all the better with a marina view!

    1. I do love the Oregon coast! Already trying to think of a way to return soon.
      Give your sweet dog a hug for me.

  2. What a great spot...and the photo's make me envious to be there..really like the sunset/bridge shot...Red Rock crabs are making me hungry for a seafood broil...I think you found the end of the rainbow...and the "pot of gold".....I love it when one stumbles onto a great find...thanks for sharing...what a neat place to wind down....safe Journey...Horst sends

    1. We also stumbled into the last day of the halibut season which made it a circus. Don't think that there is that much action all the time.

      Thanks for your kind words....take care on your upcoming travels!

  3. I want to be there!! Fresh fish, beach walking and a marina view...we're still in the cornfields :)

  4. But not for long! Don't remember that kind much corn in SD.

    I really like it here! You should put Oregon on your list for next summer!

  5. Oregon is one of our favorite states and this particular waterfall is one of the best we have seen. We also love the art deco bridges along the coast. Enjoy your time there.

    1. LuAnn, it is so nice to hear from you. My commenting to others has been greatly reduced while on this trip but I have read your last post and have been thinking of you two.

      I thought that this would be our greatest journey......now realize that the trip into old age will be the biggest challenge!

      Oregon is magnificent....have loved the time on the coast! We are just north of the lighthouse where Nina and Paul are working....hope to stop in and say hi.

      Take care of yourself!

  6. Lynne, the scenery is awesome! Those falls! The gorgeous Columbia River Gorge with the rock and flowers in the foreground. And the Marina with those unexpected flowers in the foreground.

    And crab... and.... starfish soup? :)

    What rich beauty you are enjoying!

  7. This leg of the journey has been filled with wonderful little places. I am no longer exhausted and can get excited about each day!

    Love the title of your last post! Hope you are already planning your next adventure.