Desert, Desert, Desert

For the past five days we have been traveling through the desert and when I say desert, I mean the real thing, just like in the old westerns with people crawling across the sand and seeing mirages.  Traveling east on I-80 means we are taking the shortest and gentlest route across the mountains but it is definitely not the most scenic.
Wanting to document the drive, I am struggling to find picture worthy scenes.  At a rest stop in Utah, in the middle of the Salt Lake desert, we find the above sign.  The sky is filled with smoke from the Salt Lake fire.DSC_5922
In Evanston, Wyoming we are fortunate to find a camp with green trees and a river walk.

Then it is back to rolling red hills until we reach Green River, WY.  DSC_5929
The host at the Green River informs us about the baking soda that’s mined here.  Never really thought about the origin of baking soda….
View of the Green River from the visitor’s center in the town of Green River.
One of the exhibits…it is huge!
This brings us back up to date….it’s just past check out time at the Lazy Acres Park in Riverside, WY.
Encampment River
Must get out of here but want to finish as there’s no promise of wi fi or cell signal for the rest of the day.  Heading southeast into the mountains of CO!


  1. I have made that trip many times from Washington to Indiana. I-70 isn't much better going across Kansas...lol. To bad they don't make "diagonal" freeways, instead of north/south and west/east.

    1. You have my sympathy if you have made this trip many times! Hot, dry and boring for most of it!

      Good to hear from you.


  2. The desert driving looks wearisome. But what a refreshing difference bodies of water make.

    I had no idea about the baking soda either. I guess I thought it was something they "made." Clueless!

    Lazy Acres looks peaceful and refreshing.

    Wish I could tag along behind you into Colorado! :)

    1. Oh, I wish you could, also! Planning for a week of fun and visiting here in Poudre River Canyon.
      Saw a huge moose yesterday as we went through a mountain pass!

      Maybe someday? Would enjoy camping with you again.

  3. I never knew or even thought about the whereabouts of baking soda...very interesting. What a neat looking bridge to walk across on.

    1. I could hardly believe the guy when he began talking about the baking soda....had to go to google and look it up. And, yes, one of the largest deposits of the mineral is in the Green River area.

  4. Another set of great photos..especially like the Green River...I kinda enjoy visiting the desert...its has a unique beauty...not that I want to spent 365 days per year...but visiting or driving through can offer some Photo Ops...unless its 100+ degrees..lol...thanks for sharing...Horst sends

    Ps...the Baking Soda History lesson was interesting...I would haver never though of where baking soda comes from.....Arm &Hammer????...lol

  5. I always thought that I loved the desert.....but most of my experience was with the high desert in Arizona. Saw way too much of nothingness this past week!

    Yes, the baking soda mining was interesting....
    Take care of yourself!

  6. BAKING SODA....really! I brush my teeth with it and peroxide on occasion... And clean jewelry with vinegar. Who would have known!

  7. Baking soda was the after dinner topic tonight. Glenda says she washes her hair in it...must try that soon!

    Hope your wounds are healing fast!