Poudre River Visit/Rockies NP



A few hours ago we were saying our goodbyes to Glenda and Jeff and heading  east down the river.  We have been in the Poudre River Canyon, just west of Fort Collins, for 5 nights.  After setting up a new camp, we promptly went to bed for a nap, exhausted after 4 days of non-stop visiting!

This has been a fun week!  My socialization needs have finally been met.  Been starved for some good ole girl talk.  And did we talk!

A few days ago they treated us to a wonderful tour of the Rocky Mountains National Park.  It was a long day, Jeff drove over 200 miles but it was worth it!

Maybe I’ll back up and show what we found going into the P. R. Canyon last weekend.  After getting through Cameron Pass, at 10,000 plus feet, we are greeted by this magnificent guy.


There was a moose made of barbed wire at a visitor’s center right before we saw the real thing!  The texture in his coat comes from the barbs.DSC_5952

Hummers are all over the feeders at the State Park State Forest welcome center and strange little chipmunks are running everywhere scooping up the falling bird seed



A ranger identifies this guy at the Least Chipmunk.


End of summer flowers are blooming everywhere.

We are dawdling down the canyon waiting for the magic hour that our friends will be off work.  Finally we arrive at the Poudre River Resort and I’m surprised that it’s not a campground.  It does have a few tent sites but it’s more of a cabins and store type place.


Our home for the week.


Full moon in the canyon.

After a couple of days of boondocking, our battery monitor shows 17.4 volts.  After testing we decide to disconnect the battery and hook up to electricity.  It’s nice to run the fan and charge up the laptop that’s getting plenty of use due to the park’s wifi.  No cell phone connections though.

This tree catches my eye as we are traveling toward the RMNP.  Wondering if it could have been a cottonwood?


The rest of the day is a photographer’s dream…..so many beautiful scenes.  I find us amusing as we all are hanging our cameras out the windows, shooting right and left as we descend the mountain.




We take Trail Ridge Road that leads to the Alpine Visitor’s Center.



The elevation is making me feel funny…like my legs are made of jello.  Not trusting my ambulation, I hold on to my husband as we walk across the parking lot.  This is the highest I’ve ever been….with my feet on the ground!


 Glenda looking for that perfect photo!


The clouds are adding drama to our shots.

Great fun, good company and a wonderful place!

The visit is about perfect until the very last day when a local cowboy asks me if Glenda is my daughter?  I’m in a state of shock as I know which one of us is the oldest.  Letting it go, finally, after realizing it’s time to get the hair in for a tune-up!



2013-08-24 07.21.56

These berries are growing in our Friday night campsite .  Don’t usually pick strange berries and eat them but they look just like huckleberries……..and we have not died yet!

After pondering what to do about Labor Day….we have no reservations,  decided to head for the Kansas rally very early hoping to get one of the none reservable sites.  Hoping for good luck in finding an electric site…forecast in the 90’s.


  1. What a great place and the vistas..WOW.....GREAT photo's ...as usual!!!...Glad you two are enjoying yourselves and what a terrific area to unwind ....thanks for sharing and safe travels...Horst sends

    1. It was a magnificent place....totally awesome. Someday we'll go back and camp there.

      Thank you for your kind words...take care.

  2. 17.4 volts must be from a special type of battery!

    1. Not sure what the problem is/was. The little voltage monitor would change from 12.8 up to 17.4. Could not tell if it was defective....worked well on Glenda's trailer.
      Pulled out the battery and it tested 12.7. The plugs around the trailer showed 125 volts. Our bottom half of the converter has been sliding out into the floor when we hit bumps. Came loose during the Yukon section of the trip. Hope Larry of LHC can figure it out!

  3. Love your new header photo. The clouds add so much drama!

    Got tickled at your remark about the highest you've ever been with your feet on the ground. :D

    Gorgeous photos. I was "in" the one Glenda was in. She should have moved back a little and snagged the shot you got.

    A general rule... any berries with that little crown shape on the bottom are safe. They include blueberries, huckleberries, serviceberries, etc.

    1. Great news on the berries. They tasted so good! And they looked like our berries at home...but bigger and prettier! If we had internet I would have looked them up...just ate a few at first and waited. Now they are on our oatmeal every morning!

      I don't like the light green print on the new format. Not willing to change it again..not yet.

  4. OMG - Mom (LOL) you didn't mention THAT. Glad you enjoyed your Rocky Mtm high, fresh berries (before the bears got them), & plenty of visiting! Gorgeous photos (as usual). Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I was still in a state of shock...could not speak about it!

    Want everyone to know that I would be commenting on your blog if it would let me! Pretty irritated at this google+ thing!
    Thanks for the good time! XXX

  6. Replies
    1. Could not figure who CIM was....then saw your picture! Hi Carol!

      Yes, that whole thing was rather disconcerting! Was tempted to buy some coloring at Wal-Mart this PM but could not see me rinsing it out under the faucet in the campground!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! Rocky Mountain National Park is one of our favorites!! Sounds like you all had a great visit and enjoyed your stay immensely.
    I once had someone in my Bible Class at church ask my husband and I if we were there to visit our child. wow! I got up quickly and exited the room. I was furious cause the class was our age group. I blamed it on my husband! LOL Oh well, it happens!!
    Safe travels!!

  8. Maybe I should blame it on my husband...LOL!
    Never felt any anger...just kind of shocked!

    I had been seeing pictures of the Rocky Mtns on FB ever since one of my neighbors moved to Denver. Definitely was not disappointed!

  9. Nice pics. I'm sure yal had a great time with Glenda and Jeff. RMNP is another of our favorite places. Guess Glenda will be calling you mom from now on.:-)

  10. She better not! i will be calling her something other than daughter!

    We are in Kansas...on Lake Wilson, thinking about riding out the holiday here. Warm!

  11. What fun you girls had! Tending to my sis in South Bend....having super visit! Eating entirely too much great Polish good, etc. Then back home for two weeks for doc recheck...oh Lord let it be ok! Mods, FIXES....two hitches...WDH and the bike hitch. Had to put them in the Casita last stop until we get home...what a pain!!! Parked at Elks on concrete and really super quiet...I'm amazed! Loved to have been sitting there with you girls a gabbing....or at the rally! Time for that...really stressed about our winter plan...need to get my butt in gear! Enjoy all those eggs and crews!

  12. Hey... I believe that you are worrying too much! And I can say that because I have been, in the past, the biggest worrier....always thinking bad thoughts.

    This winter you can go out in the desert and find a boondocking place (for free) and enjoy the desert. If Glenda can manage to boondock with no amenities, almost anyone can. And I believe that you have already everything you need.
    Think Quartzsite! There are longterm lots...maybe 6 months available for very little money. We went there twice in 2012 and stayed in free sites. Dome Rock Road is where the fiberglass RV's hang out.
    Wish you had been with us. Hope you decide on Cherokee!

  13. Well we're pretty anxious to give it go....going to be one exciting ride. Thanks for the encouragement and a little direction...means a lot!