Sixth Annual Eggscursion!



This is our fourth year to attend this egg rally held in Townsend,TN, on the sleepy side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and compared to Gatlinburg, it is a laid back, sleepy place.  The picture above does not do justice to the 60 to 70 trailers present. This is a part of Loop A…there’s also a B, C, D and E? loop.  Most of us old timers make our reservations one year in advance so we can book a coveted riverside campsite.


We were fortunate to get a site at the back end of the campground with a deck overlooking the river.  It’s very private and I need the downtime to recover from all the socializing.  This rally normally has two pot lucks, music every night and an egg parade (open house showing trailer).


Due to heavy rain on Friday morning, the potluck breakfast is moved to 5 PM and it’s eggs and bacon for our evening meal.  I thought it sounded unappetizing, but the breakfast dinner is a hit….maybe we’ll do it again!



The temperatures plummet after the rain ends, going from highs in the 80’s to lows in the 30’s.  I am layering clothes to stay warm….again!


The entertainment does not disappoint…..clogging, ole timey fiddle music and 60’s, John Prine and Bob Dylan.  Tears flow down my face….it always happens when I hear the old stuff….. many memories!

The egg parade is Saturday morning and I am in a tizzy trying to cook a meatloaf in my yard sale crockpot and get the trailer ready to show.  I find a recipe, go to the store at 8 AM, mix it up outside in the cold…with my fingers freezing and turn the slow cooker on by 11 AM.  At noon I discover the crock pot still cold! Fooling with the outside electric breaker, I try again!  Still cold! Deciding that the pot luck will go just fine without my meatloaf, we take off to tour the trailers.



This is a brand new 19’ Escape….the only one in Missouri (at this posting).   The owners are also talented dutch oven cookers…..this is a pineapple upside down cake!  And it gives me an idea!



So many different sizes and shapes!


The owner describes this as “poor man’s central air conditioning”.



These are Olivers, made in Hohenwald, TN, and they are back into production!  We had seen one last fall at the Kansas rally, http://peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com/, but they were not in production at that time.  Some of the Oliver family are present to explain features.


So many different trailers from many different places…..did not get a picture of the 5th wheel Escape from Canada!



And my hubby’s dutch oven rescues the meatloaf…..slightly overcooked….but I was proud of it!

(Forgot to get a picture.)


And then it’s Sunday morning, time for goodbyes…..see you down the road!


FYI: The 2014 rally will be at the Townsend KOA on the last weekend of April.  The Tremont campground has been an excellent host; the physical separation of the loops prompted the change of campgrounds. Y’all come!


  1. What a great venue....I really like the campsite you Guys grabbed...I need to put that on my list of places to see with the Gkids this summer..looks like a great time was had by all...Safe Journey...and have a Super weekend...Horst

  2. Lynne, you really DID pick a perfect spot!

    I haven't seen an Oliver or an Escape yet. And I'm excited that Oliver is back into production because I've heard the quality is excellent.

    A cold morning and a dead crockpot... that part didn't sound like fun.

    About breakfast for dinner, it's my favorite comfort food when I am very tired or don't feel well. When we used to do a lot of car travel, we would always try to find a place that served breakfast 24 hours at dinnertime because it seemed to restore us better than anything else.

    Glad David's dutch oven saved the meat loaf!

    1. Actually we could not pick our campsites....just paid for creekside or interior. It was pure luck that we got that site!

      All in all a great weekend...but also exhausting. Wish I could learn how to attend without getting totally wiped out.

      Forgot to add that the crock pot is now in the trash....it was pulling too much current, it tripped off the fuses. Out 3 bucks, but it sure was small and cute!

      Glad you had a safe trip today!

    2. Horst....I've sent you two messages....will try again if they don't show up. Thks.

  3. Nice pics. Looks like a great time, even with the rain and low temps. You just can't go wrong with a Dutch oven.

  4. I would like to get serious with the dutch oven cooking. Practice, practice!

    Stay safe and keep those pictures coming....enjoying your trip through your posts.