Cat-flicted! & happy birthday to me.



“Go away!  This is my house!”

My heart got lost a couple of days ago after discovering this critter in the back yard.  After two nights of intermittent sleep and two trips to the vet, it looks like I have a new baby!

Although my heart is in a good place, my head is reeling!  What have I done?  We have worked so hard to eliminate the obstacles to traveling….. quit the part time job, turned the rental property over to a management company and found a part-time home for the two cats we already own.  Why can’t I just be logical, pull up a cold heart and continue simplifying our lives?  I did try….closed the door on him at least twice!

Been so distracted….could not even remember if I put on the rinse while shampooing my hair, missing my turns while driving.   Completely lost my piece of mind, going crazy, letting the little cat’s presence disrupt my flow.

Now, four days into this process, I’m slowly feeling sane again.  It will all work out somehow as the compulsion to rescue him was just too  strong. 


Princess, our 9 year old rescue


New cat…still unnamed…9 months to a year old

I’ve had a birthday during these upsetting few days….now 64 years old!  Can’t help but think….if the new cat lives 20 years, I’ll be 83!  Hope I don’t turn into one of those COCL…(crazy old cat ladies!)…….who am I kidding, I’m already there!


Proud to report that the reflectix project is completed and hope to have a dark trailer while sleeping in Alaska.  I cut out the material larger than the windows and bound it with metal tape.…hope to hold it in place with curtain pins and cubicle clips.




The long one will go above the side dinette tucked behind the overhead lights. (That’s Sheba, the Siamese, caught in the picture.)  The reflectix has great insulating properties but hope we won’t ever need it to protect us from cold.

Besides working on the windows, we have been enjoying the spring weather and playing in the yard.


New bird feeder!


New figs and leaves forming on the fig tree.


Thrift on the driveway wall….


Lots of our flowers came from the former owners.  This looks like a ruffled jonquil…name unknown.

It’s been a week full of birthdays.  Ice cream and cake this afternoon at my mom’s  celebrating 3 generations of birthdays: stepfather, age 87, niece, age 5 and yours truly. 

We should be on the road by the middle of next week heading to the Townsend rally.  The weather forecast looks troublesome but it could always change.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing the spring wildflowers.




Maybe I’ll call him Sir William.  He needs to be of royalty to co-exist with a Princess and a Queen Sheba.



I’m not the only one smitten.


  1. You're just "A Good Hearted Woman" as one of those country dudes used to sing. The world is a better place for those that have a heart for animals. Good looking job with the reflectix. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY......jc

    1. I don't feel like a good hearted woman...but like a sucker for pitiful cats. Oh well, like Carla just said..it's all about the emotions. And right now, that emotion is love.

      Thanks...I did have a good birthday. Can't believe how old I'm getting!

  2. Nice job on the reflectix installation. We're trying the simple sleep mask solution.

    1. That sounds good.... why didn't I think of that?

  3. HAPPY belated birthday Ms. Lynne. Nice mod...that should field the sunlight for sure!

    1. Thank you! Hope it works as planned.

      Know you must be getting more and more excited each day.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! And being a COCL is a good thing!

    The new baby is beyond precious. I couldn't have resisted either. It seems that those little black and white cats have sweetness in their genes. I've never known one that wasn't a bundle of pure love.

    Figs, flowers and a new kitty. Spring has definitely found you! And somehow everything will work out with the new baby. If we can make it with Sheba, a new kitten should be a piece of cake! :D

    1. You have such a gift, Sharon, of being able to always say the nicest things. So encouraging!

      The little he kitty is lying on my arm as I try to type. He is beyond sweet...may try one more time to camp with a cat.

  5. Happy Birthday...such a young pup!!...just remember what you did with the cat was the "right thing to do"......that's what my daughter always tells me when I'm dealing with animal issues.....like the reflectix solution...that will work great in the "Alaskan Summers".... Horst

  6. Sounds like you have raised a very smart daughter!

    Not sure I have ever been called a "young pup" but I'll take it!

  7. Happy birthday! If you are an animal lover, it is so difficult to turn a blind eye.

  8. I did try but love won out! He's laying up against me as I type.

    Hope you are successfully transitioning to your summer home. Looks like a great place!