Cat Wars & Spring Flowers


Life has been far from peaceful for the past three weeks!  Our newest family member, Sylvester, is not being welcomed by everyone.  We humans are in love with him; the two older cats are not happy!

It feels like all  I have done is feed and referee!  Due to being hungry and foraging, the new stray thinks he must eat everything in sight!  The food bowls have been put up….something totally unacceptable to the 9 and 11 year old females who have always had access to their chow.  Feeling sorry for them, I am putting their food down 3 times a day, locking and feeding Sylvester in another room.  He eats his allotted  portion and ten minutes later he acts like he’s starving.


Each night a kitty litter box goes into the bedroom and Sylvester is sequestered away from the demon cat, Princess.  Just can’t tolerate being awakened in the middle of the night to the banshee screams that they are making.  Surely they will eventually adjust. 


Princess has always had problems…definitely not a normal cat.  She growls and hisses….and purrs, simultaneously.  So far we have put a bell on her….so he can hear her coming, ordered a calming cat collar…..(hurry up Amazon!) and last night, in a fit of desperation, made up a spray bottle full of water.  This seems to be working as the morning has been quiet….only one explosion.

Temporary truce....they forgot their feud due to a bird landing on the deck!


I choose to be optimistic…..things will eventually work out.  Just like choosing to be positive about the upcoming Alaska trip.

  Training my thoughts…….    “We can do this!”  “It will be OK.” “We can handle whatever comes our way!”  And I have said over and over….. if it gets to be too much for us, we will just take another direction or come home. 

The yard has been providing lots of pleasure since everything has turned green again.  Many flowers are blooming……don’t know how they keep coming back.  We sure aren’t caring properly for them. 

(Move curser across picture….some are labeled.)








These strawberries come back every year…..even though hubby has occasionally driven over them while backing the egg into her place.

The little Chatta-Egg is resting peacefully.  She’s been home for 12 days and says she’s ready to rest up for the 12,000 mile trip next month.


It’s raining with a flood watch for the next 3 days…..glad we live on the side of a hill.  Weather is so crazy with snow in Arkansas  in MAY, 39 degrees in Memphis this AM.

Hope Mother Nature gets her seasons straightened out soon!


  1. Sorry to hear about the kitty wars. Normal cats eventually learn to peacefully coexist... hope things normalize soon! :)

    The flowers are absolutely beautiful. I don't think columbine grows down here. It's intriguing and different to me. Peonies also don't handle our summers. So it's a special treat to see them.

    Wishing you all the best on your Alaska trip. I like the idea that you have a Plan B. It takes away a lot of the stress, doesn't it?

    1. No! I must have deleted my reply to you! Darn!

      Thank you for your comment. Too pissed, right now, to type my reply all over again!

      Will write you.

    2. I am surprised that peonies will not do well there....this yard has so many...all from the previous owners. And our woods are full of columbine. Interesting how a short distance makes all the difference.

  2. I've had my honeysuckle for three years now and it still hasn't bloomed. The peonies are so pretty.

    1. Thank you... I have always heard that peonies can be difficult but ours just keep on thriving and we never feed or water them. That honeysuckle may be Goldflame...had it a long time but it bloomed from the start. Sorry yours is not blooming, is it in full sun?
      Good to hear from another plant lover!

  3. You are so ahead of us in blooms...I just picked my first lilacs! Bet the gang adjusts soon...just tell them straighten up or your not going to Alaska :O)

    1. The gang is behaving today....hope they continue throughout the night.

      We do have a pretty spring...but it's much later this year.
      More rain than usual....very green here.

  4. The photo's are "five star".....super color, great DOF, and terrific composition...the cats...well..you're on your own....haha...can't wait for your adventure to begin...I riding in your "virtual" back seat....have a great weekend...Horst

  5. Aw shucks! Love it when you say good things! Still playing with the aperture.

    Hope you are having a good weekend, resting up for the next big adventure.