Time To Go

We are leaving tomorrow.  It's time to return to civilization and the comforts of home.  This has not been our normal, wonderful, fun-filled trip and I can't quite place what went wrong.  We left home traumatized after the septic line backed up and overflowed in our basement the day before we left.  And the cats have been a constant  source of worry for me.  I have been so scared of losing them!  And there was the week of rain along with the week of having no refrigeration.

Last night we met the couple that lost the cat on Sunday.  They live just off the mountain and came up after their work day with hopes of luring Peanut from the woods with food.  Really nice people.  After sharing lost cat stories, we both started crying.  Lost cats, especially lost cats in the woods, really upset me.

And we heard another lost pet story from a Casita owner who was camping down the loop.  She said that a young girl lost her collie a few weeks ago when the dog spooked and ran into the woods.  Her fault according to our Casita friend as she did not have him on a leash.  The rangers did not give either party much hope due to the many coyotes in the area.

We have had a good day.  Ate breakfast at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant and hiked to the upper falls at Graveyard Fields.  Now we are mostly packed and sitting around the first campfire of the trip and I have marshmellows for when the fire dies down!

The next morning.

Ready to leave but will surely miss these wonderful temperatures.  It was 63 in the trailer this morning and 83 degrees yesterday afternoon.  Today promises to be one of those rare clear blue sky days.  I wonder how I will be able to handle the heat of home?

The pictures are of the upper falls, site B23, and the babies.

Sheba and Princess

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  1. Lynne, I'm so sorry the old magic wasn't there for you this trip. What a letdown.

    So glad your kitties are safe. I would be a nervous wreck worrying about them getting loose, too. And so sad about the fur babies who were lost.

    I have really enjoyed your posts about camping in the area. If we are able to get up there next month, I will try to get B-23... and thanks so much for the heads-up about what to expect there.

    Have a safe trip home... and may your next trip be satisfying on every level. :)