Mt Pisgah

When we got home from the big trip last March, I thought that would be the end of this blog.  Now, four months later, I find myself missing the blogging.  So, sitting at 5000 ft, at 9 PM, curled up in the corner of the bed in the Casita with my Siamese at my feet, I am starting again.
I am using an app on my tablet hoping I can get internet access tomorrow.  And since the Casita is no longer in the desert, there needs to be some fine tuning to the title when possible.  But I can't wait for perfection, life is happening now!

We have been planning this escape from the heat for a few months.  Last year we were up here at the Mt Pisgah campground on the Blue Ridge PKWY for almost 4 weeks in July due to a camphosting job.  We thought that we would have more fun not working this year.  So last Tuesday we loaded the Casita (recently christened the Chatta-Egg), the bikes, the hiking gear, the fishing poles, and the cats!

Meet the girls!  Sheba is a 10 year old mostly mellow Siamese and Princess is an 8 year old black and white rescue.  They are on this trip as I am giving this cat camping thing one more try.  It was suggested to me that a weekend was not long enough for them to adjust so they got thrown in along with all the other toys.

Our area has been experiencing record breaking heat.  Rain has been needed desperately so I hesitate to complain.  But 4 days of rain combined with closed windows, a husband, two cats and a kitty litter box in a 16' Casita has just about pushed me to the end of my limits.  I forgot to mention that our refrigerator is also not working!

Fast forward to Monday afternoon...what a difference a few hours can make!  I called a RV refrigerator guy off the mtn this AM that that been recommended by locals.  This, of course, involves going to the closest overlook to make the call.  He told me that our Dometic RM 2193 would cost $660 to replace, not including labor.  I told him all the things we had done to fix it, suggestions from other campers that we had tried including tapping on the gas lines. He said that tapping would not work but beating the h.... out them might!

With a prayer in my heart I took my husband's crescent wrench and followed his instructions.  It worked!  Look up RB's RVs if you have a problem in this part of the mtns. He's in Hendersonville.


A 24

Mt Pisgah

Bamboo Festival


Just heard the first rumble of thunder for the day.  It has been almost 24 hours since the last shower! The sun has done a lot to raise my spirits.  We rode our bikes around the campground and it is almost empty.  Very quiet.  I have spent the last hour cleaning on the awning while David napped.  We may get cleaned up and go into Brevard for the evening.  I want to get this posted, excited to be blogging again!  My pictures may be under another post. Not too sure how this app works.


  1. Looks gorgeous. . .& maybe cool & comfortable. Still just hotter than UGH in Branson! Good to know about beating on the frig! So are the cats 'adjusting' better?

    1. It's not too hot here. Another thunderstorm today. I got your "cat" post but can't find it now!
      Sheba also likes to sit on the "throne". I figure she is just giving herself a timeout from Princess!

  2. Such GORGEOUS photos! I can't wait to get there, hopefully in August.

    Looks like the kitties did okay.

    I really sympathize with your being shut in during the rainy days. Hope sunny skies are ahead.

    And how wonderful about the refrigerator fix! You need to post that on the Casita forum! :D

    1. Thank you!

      I am afraid to publicize my solution as someone told me that I could have made the whole system explode. Just got lucky!
      Again, let me know if you need any info on this area.