Life is Good!

After days of storms and rain we have finally had a perfect sunny day!  We are still at Davidson River and currently plugged into one the electric sites.  We got on a waiting list Friday when things looked bleak and I was considering just packing up and going home.  I knew it would give us another option, move back to Mt Pisgah, go home or try an electric site.  Early Saturday afternoon we were informed that a site had become available and did we want it?

With all of my electronic batteries running down, we opted to move and pay for another night.
There is just so much to do here!  Yesterday was spent riding our bikes, moving from one site to another and going out for a late lunch at the Pisgah Fish
Camp and then taking another bike ride.   We discovered a wonderful trail that goes along the Davidson River that takes us all the way into town.

Sunday we attended church services at a tiny stone chapel that is on the edge of the campground.  It is called the English Chapel and I thought, with that name, that it might be an Anglican church or something British.  No, it was named after the first circuit rider preacher whose last name was England. We enjoyed the quaintness and being reminded of our southern roots.

I went to the swimming hole that afternoon and played in the water.  If I had a partner that was willing, I would have rented a tube and gone down the river with all the other tubers.  After the swim we jumped on our bikes and rode to a yogurt store that was almost in Brevard.

We have fished several days.  Even if I don't catch anything, I enjoy standing in the mountain streams and watching the water.  We tried to hike up Looking Glass Rock but it was too many miles cause we did not get started early enough.

We have gone out for dinner, shopped, bought groceries and washed clothes.  Making the most of our forest/city camping before returning to the isolation of the mountain.
But as the rain showers have diminished, the heat has increased.  In the low 80's today, time to return to Mt Pisgah!


  1. Enjoyed the update. Wishing you sunny skies at Mt. Pisgah!

  2. Thanks. We did get those beautiful sunny skies!