Davidson River and dry camping

I am sitting outside the ladies bathroom at Davidson River Campground taking shelter from the rain as I type on my tablet.  Yes, this is a strange place to write but I am desperate to get my phone and laptop charged and they are plugged inside at the sink.

This is our eighth day without electric hookups.  We were able to set the solar up and run it three days at Mt Pisgah after the four days of heavy rain but this campground has deep shade almost everywhere.
We left Mt Pisgah for several reasons.  There are rules about not camping for more than 14 days at a time and we needed to hitch up to be able to dump. And I was getting restless.   This campground is about 20 miles from Mt Pisgah and about 5 miles from Brevard.  You go east on 276 and it is at the bottom of the mountain.  One of the things that I am enjoying here is having a cell connection at the campsite.  It is only two bars but I was able to activate my mobile hotspot last night and send some emails.
We have been able to keep the lights (LEDS) and the water pump going with the battery.  It is all of my electronics that need feeding so frequently.  We have a 200 watt inverter that will charge the laptop but the solar panel output was not strong enough to keep the inverter going.  My laptop battery is half drained after downloading pictures and doing some editing.  My phone stays turned off all the time except when it is being used and the mobile hotspot eats the battery.  Every time we get in the car, plugging in the phone is before putting on the seatbelts!

There are a few electric sites here available on a first come basis but I don't think we will be here long enough to go through the bother.  I thought it would be too hot here but it has been pleasant....staying cool due to the daily thunderstorms.  And the price is $10, only $2 more than Mt Pisgah (with the geezer pass).

We are heading out for dinner tonight.  Not sure where we will go but it is so nice to be close enough to have many choices.  We enjoyed a meal at El Ranchero Mexican restaurant a few nights ago. And Walmart and Bilow are a little over a mile from here.

We had a delicious BBQ dinner and David did not have to cook in the rain.

Here's some pictures from our day.


  1. Lynne, so sorry you couldn't get a spot where the solar panel would get enough sun. I hate the feeling of worrying about my cell and laptop batteries dying.

    When you say that your hotspot eats up the battery, are you talking about a mifi? We have so much to learn! :)

  2. Sharon, I do hope I answered this somewhere else! The mobile hotspot is on my verizon phone.