Finally Tucson!

After 1,986 miles we have made it to our first destination, Catalina State Park, just outside of Tucson.  We got here a little late for pictures but it was so nice to eat a meal that we prepared instead of the road food.  The mountains are gorgeous and they just hang over the campground.  We think we see snow on one, probably Mt Lemmon which is around 9,000+ feet.
Tomorrow will be devoted to resting up from the drive and getting to the grocery store and maybe a little hiking.
Last night was spent at a Camping World campground on I-10 just before the N.M. line.  We were all prepared to boondock at a Cracker Barrel until I learned that it was going to be 28 degrees and, worried about freezing pipes, we opted for electric hookups to run the little ceramic heater.  (Our  camper did not come with a furnace). 
The space they assigned us was right next door to a brand new Casita belonging to a Washington state couple.  They shared that they had been in 17 degree weather at Big Bend without any negative pipe problems....but they had a furnance.
We are dry camping this week and I am back writing on the tablet.  My laptop's battery is half depleted after one hour of use and I want to save it for pictures. 
It's now 8:30 PM and my husband is crawling into bed.  I think I'm ready to call it a day. 

(Thought that I hit post but must have hit save.  This was written on Tuesday evening, 1/3/12.)

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