Leaving Tortilla

With many regrets we left Tortilla campground two days ago.  It was time to move on to the next adventure and we had an appointment with Camping World to fix a leak in our gray water system.  It was sad to say goodbye to the canyon and to our lovely neighbors, Laurie and Tony, who shared their campfire many nights.

Looking down into Fish Creek on the Apache Trail

I am trying to remember what we did this past week....We took a drive past the town(?) of Tortilla Flatts up a twisty, windy road to the top of the mountain where the pavement ended.  We had been told that it was a gorgeous drive over to Roosevelt Lake but we went no farther than an overlook about 6 miles up.

Another day we went on a hike led by a forest volunteer and learned to identify many of the desert plants. I can identify the teddy bear cholla, chain fruit cholla and christmas cholla.  I love to be able to identify plants!

One morning we discovered two Escapes from Texas had made camp on the level above us.  (Hello to Ranger Duke and friends!)  Our meeting with them has given us to question our travel plans.  They were on their way to Quartzsite and let us know that we would be missing the best part, the RV show, if we did not get there this week.
I am not sure if I can handle the crowds around the town and the show but we may be here only once and do not want to miss anything important!
So tomorrow we will see!  It maybe time to head west on to the real desert camping experience without any facilities.

Apache Trail scenic

Canyon Lake Marina

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