Fun in Q with Fiberglass Friends


In 2012, during our first winter in Arizona, we are camping in the Tonto National Forest at Tortilla and meet some lovely Escape owners from Texas.  One of them, Duke, makes an impression when he insists we not miss the big RV show in Quartzsite.  We change our plans and go….and manage to find and camp with his crew on Dome Rock Road!

Fast forward two years and we have a repeat occurrence! 

Last Saturday finds us creeping down Dome Rock Road looking for the shiny red truck with the Texas flag.  And it’s there just past the traditional spot for Casitas.  Our friends are with their friends and our Casita joins 5 other fiberglass trailers.


This is Dome Rock!  We are so glad to be here!!!  Missed this place so much last year!  ( It might look a tad disappointing to some…..but not to us!)


This is the “gang”!  Veteran fiberglass trailer owners and professional rally attenders!

Sunday morning we pack up our trash, stop at Love’s to dispose of it and hurry to find a parking spot near the Big Tent.  Methodically we pace the tent, trying not to miss anything.  The crowds increase as the morning progresses and we quit early afternoon.   How can I explain the joy of finding a 25 cent strainer for the bathroom sink or the two dollar broom/dustpan combo?  No big purchases…just stuff we need.  But still fun to buy!

Monday we are introduced to the free pancake breakfast and find the 6 dollar showers at the laundry.  It’s nice to camp with these experienced Q boon dockers!  We ride our bikes on the dirt road and try to pick out a special spot for our return trip in two weeks.  We ride, then walk up the old road on Dome Rock.



(We are camped center, far right in the above scene.)


This is all RV’s, trailers and the miscellaneous that come for the big show.




Our party increases when Casita owners, fresh from the rally in Lajitas, Texas, join us on Monday.  And someone is having a birthday!  Great excuse for a party!

The grocery is a bit lacking in Q….I decide to go to California for supplies!  It’s only 22 miles to Blythe and a huge Albertson’s.  Finding a real supermarket is one of our camping pleasures.  We usually just do without until we find our normal supplies.

That night we eat and laugh, eat and laugh!




The moon is full….the desert is bright at night.





Saying “goodbye” is hard on Wednesday….solace comes from knowing that there’s always another year and a return trip to Q in two weeks…to camp with a 100 or so fiberglass trailers!

We are off to Phoenix and family time!

(Posted from the Mustang Library in Scottsdale, AZ.)


  1. Does it get any better? Wish I was there....reading all the Q reports...I'm so envious. Next year we should have it together...enjoy those trails!

    1. This is not for everyone!!!! But I think everyone should experience it at least once. Everything that I had heard about Quartzsite was a turn off.....so grateful that Duke talked me into going two years ago ....just to see for myself!

  2. I've been waiting for you to update your blog -- and it was worth waiting for!

    Dome Rock is strange... and unforgettable.

    The closeup of the blue mountain with all of those RVs nestled in front of it is the most attractive picture I've ever seen of the area.

    Got a kick out of the ring of 3 propane camp fires. :)

    Glad that your return to Q didn't disappoint!

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    3. Sharon, we have been so busy with the grand daughter's wedding festivities! No Q did not disappoint!

      The little camp fires in a can worked great for heat and light. Thank you for your comment....sorry there were no sunrise pictures. Thank you for your support!

  3. OK.....the story line and your photos are enough to convince me that next year I will be there.....thanks for sharing...enjoy and safe travels...Horst sends

    1. Looking forward to meeting you next year if our paths don't cross before then.

      Lots of Texas folks attend the Green Eggs and Ham rally in March....hint, hint! Take care and keep giving us those beautiful pictures!

  4. Replies
    1. Next year! Hope to see you in March!

    2. We're going to miss you and Wanda this year.

  5. I'm hoping to be in Q no later than the 5th. Looking forward to seeing you!

    1. Not sure when we will get there...but thinking several days before the 5th! Likewise!

  6. We have never done Quartzite...in the Casita or when full-timing. We had friends that wanted us to join them but we were skeptical. I agree, we should go at least once!! Looking at the pics/posts from Lajitas and reading your account of your winter in the desert I am so excited about experiencing this area. We have a few more things to "equip" our Casita with before we can be off grid but we are working on it!! Enjoy!!

  7. Pleased that I might influence someone to try something new....out of the comfort zone!

    Do I remember that you are attending the Grre Eggs rally? If so, we will
    See you there!

  8. Yes, we will be attending Green Eggs and Ham!! See you there!!